What should be the perfect smartphone?

Jump to the high bar “ideal” regularly try to all and sundry: each new Galaxy, Nexus, LG, Sony, Huawei … the list is endless. Everything what smart enough to design engineers, marketers caring served as “very tasty”: holes in the rear panel – perforation to provide greater ergonomics, volume buttons and a lock on the back of the phone – easier to hold the device in a conversation, not capacious battery – but what thin body! Everything in the world there is an explanation, but would you give a month’s salary (and sometimes more) for a brand new unit. But how to do something that will appeal to all?


Manufacturers accustom us to the large display. It’s a fact and it is inevitable. And this trend is set vendors Android-devices. A man who for years enjoyed a miniature iPhone, go to 5-inch smartphone can be folded … the first 2 days. Then seemed shovel / tiled Nexus 5 (for example) convinces with its comfortable, practical. Without difficulty typing on the touch screen, read the fine print on the web page without zoom, stop peering detail – because everything is perfectly clear. Such experience may make you reconsider your opinion about the size of a perfect number.

Regarding technology, which made displays, consensus can not be. Do not convince fans juicy color gamut in AMOLED, as well as confident in the fact that the leader is bound to be IPS-matrix.


Here reigns a few trends:

– narrowing the scope around the display ;

– Metal body;

– Bright colors.

In a choice of body materials manufacturers have to compromise and try to fit into a single equation “metal + good battery” and bypass the “bad signal reception and impressive thickness” party. In plastic enough haters – now all hope to see Iron Galaxy S5 . But the popularity of “colored” phones is growing exponentially: if 2 years ago pink-blue were only Nokia Lumia, now designed for youth Soup necessarily have many color variations – and even in the plastic look stylish.


Fortunately, vendors Android-devices ceased to build the kernel. New vector will be 64-bit processors, which many manufacturers have already demonstrated . Remaining optimize queries of these processors, making them economically consume resources, and the following factor will cease to have such importance.


Removable can be easily replaced, but the built-in one-piece body will avoid backlash device. But both types of batteries, expect only one thing: to ensure long battery life-predolgoy smartphone. At least 2 days of very active use. About how much do we ask?


Not necessarily give the user with 40 or 50 megapixels , to invent “ultrapikseli” proprietary technologies … The main thing – the result. Correct color, no problems with focus and ISO lens handy and convenient interface of the camera – everything that the pictures on the phone was not ashamed to show your friends.


Flagman must receive regular updates. Despite the obviousness of this statement someone forcing their fans to get a modern phone, stopping support of the leader of the previous generation. However, this “someone” has changed his mind and promises at least 2 years to update their best-equipped (and expensive) gadgets, but so far it’s just a word.

Ideal smartphone manufacturers should take care of their customers.


Should be in the smartphone as a woman, zest, charisma. Not peeped competitors – like fingerprint scanners have iPhone, waterproof at Sony, refokus from Nokia; convenient for the majority – not that the keys on the back at the G2, and its own – like the stereo speakers on the HTC One, which does not prevent reproduce sound in games, and because of its position on the front side, allow not miss a call when the phone is the screen up.

In the near future a variation on the theme of “The Perfect Smartphone” present OnePlus . Chances of winning (that is a good sale) approximately equal to the probability to make a mistake, because in a single opinion people never meet. Well, it turns out that perfection can become a modular device , assembled according to our needs and desires. Do you share this opinion, or in the market today is the product as close as possible to the ideal in your understanding?

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