Nexus 5 - History of the outgoing smartphone

Nexus 5 – History of the outgoing smartphone

Nexus 5 - History of the outgoing smartphone

Last year, Google, together with LG introduced to the public the next generation of Nexus-smartphone – Nexus 5. The smartphone has an excellent, and even now, a year later, it is still relevant and is comparable with the current wave of flagship devices. Let’s look at the entire period of the smartphone lineup of Google, which recently announced that it would stop its production.

In 2013, when he was presented Nexus 5, the market was in need of such devices. Then the reference considered Nexus 4, Galaxy S3, which beat all imaginable and unimaginable record sales, and HTC One X, which is also liked by many. Nexus 4 was the first smartphone that runs on the Android 4.2; it was completely redesigned interface that adheres to Google up to Android 4.4 KitKat. Nexus 4 then very popular among geeks, because it had considerable support firmware developers, and even now the smartphone is still relevant and recently officially received the update to Android 5.0, which is likely to be one of the last for him. There will certainly be more minor updates, but such large-scale, we hardly even see. In any case, third-party developers will not leave offended Nexus 4 for a very long time, so all owners of this device is not worth much to worry about support.

Nexus 5 - History of the outgoing smartphone

Nexus 5, as mentioned earlier, was a continuation of the line, in all respects, he was better than its predecessor, with the exception of cheaper housing materials, it should be noted that the back cover Nexus 4 is still one of the most original designs manufacturers. The device as whole characteristics was comparable to LG G2, but the most interesting issue was the price of the smartphone. At the start of the device cost about 20 thousand rubles, and then gradually began to drop the price – as is the case with all other devices – in the mid to late summer price on the Nexus 5 in retail stores dropped to 14 990 rubles, it was the least we recorded, it is, of course, the PCT-version, which in any case will always be more expensive than European counterparts. Due to the unstable behavior of the exchange rate, the price of all the techniques has increased markedly, especially touched mobile devices, today retailers offer Nexus 5 at a price of 16,990 rubles. We touched on the theme of the unit price is no accident. The thing is that after Google unveiled to the public Android 5.0, many users it came to mind, and they decided to update their devices, the only option is to just normal Nexus 5, as for the smooth operation of the system it is not inferior to 6 and Nexus Moto X 2014 is powerful enough stuffing even by today’s standards, because current flagship running on Snapdragon 801, not much faster, since 801 has quite a bit of an improved version of Snapdragon 800.

Nexus 5 is adequate diagonal display, it’s not 6 inches to use with one hand is not possible, and 5.2 inches Moto X, which is not bad, but in the current generation from Motorola failed to optimize the dimensions of the device – use it with one hand but on the brink of a foul. Among other things, Nexus 5 is not less interesting design in comparison with the current flagship, moreover, side frames device thinner than the Galaxy S5. FullHD-screen smart phone is good; Yeah, maybe it’s not as cool and technological, as in modern smartphones, but it is still an excellent, high-quality screen with a pixel density of 445 pixels per inch, which is important, since this year, most manufacturers decided to abandon the QHD-resolution diagonal and its flagships increased, hence the decrease in the density of pixels.

Nexus 5 - History of the outgoing smartphone

The sound of the speakers in the Nexus 5 raised questions among many journalists and ordinary users, it is not just average quality, and it is “so-so”. It is clear that Google is looking for a compromise – she wanted to get the highest quality at the lowest price, a kind of optimization problem posed in front of Google, it was done quite well. After all, what is important for the user? User impact is important, the quality of the screen, design, dimensions and materials – this is what catches to mind when you first use the smartphone, and the sound – it’s a very specific part. Of course, the sound quality speaks a lot about the quality of the smartphone itself, but if it is a flagship device and premium brands such as Vertu, but because Nexus 5 was not originally intended as a flagship smartphone, in fact – is a mid-priced smartphone category, but even compared to the “average”, we understand that, in most respects – is the flagship, but the flagship for the consumer.

Nexus 5 - History of the outgoing smartphone

Battery – as well as sound – one of the main problems of the smartphone: many users device in active use to work half a day, and when the screen is constantly working device must use only 3:00, and it’s on Android version 4.4. At the request of Google, devices running on Lollipop should live considerably longer for that special thank you «Project Volta», which can optimize system performance and power hungry applications. Indeed, Nexus 5 at Lollipop began to work much longer – Google squeeze all the juice out of the battery, though still not very impressive performance – all depends on the technical part, 2300mAh – a little.

As for the camera, the Nexus 5 at the time when it became available on the market, showed a very average results. Then developers with access to the update to correct the situation, and now the camera device should become an example of how to optimize the soft side and work on the part of the software, rather than on how to buy the latest invention by Sony in this area. We cannot say that the Nexus 5 makes perfect pictures, you cannot compare them with images of a higher class smartphone, and Nexus 5 takes in its price segment as it should remove the reference smartphone.

In general, the Nexus 5 is one of the most important devices in the market. Perhaps it will soon no longer be possible to meet the stores, so if you want to buy it, then now is the time to do it.

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