Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76 – the triumph of design over ergonomics

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Not uncommon for the sake of a great design and a desire to stand out, or just indulge in a consumer is willing to close their eyes to some of the technical shortcomings of the devices. In the world of smartphones, for example, for the sake of minimizing the thickness of the device manufacturers to sacrifice capacity or the battery connectors are available. What had to be sacrificed by LG, creating Monitor LG 24MP76, and most importantly – for what?

Design and Ergonomics LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Frameless solutions are gaining increasing popularity in different segments, from the usual consumer to strict corporate. Microscopic frame visually seem continuation of glass covering the matrix. The housing is enclosed in plastic. The front part of the silver artfully painted by the metal, creating a coating of premium products and has a reference to a new series of smartphones LG G3.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Rear panel LG 24MP76 has a triangular shape and tapers closer to the top, it is a haven for all the necessary connectors to connect. Made of glossy black plastic, which serves as a great magnet for stray fingers, periodically changing the tilt of the monitor.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Bottom right are buttons, there are five pieces, all touch and very pleasant tactile. Here you can find an activity indicator.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

LG 24MP76 proudly stands on a stem made of transparent plastic, which with proper lighting generally disappears from view, creating the effect of levitation monitor. It is in this place, in a sense, the trouble lies. It has a tilt adjustment only. On the change in altitude or turn into portrait orientation, you can forget. The latter would be very useful, given the frameless design. On the other hand, the standard VESA mount 75 × 75 will allow you to partially neutralize this lack.

Interfaces to LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

The second victim – the connectors that are available on the rear panel – there is a pair of HDMI ports, a pair of audio ports, a D-SUB (VGA) and a power connector. But was pleasantly surprised by the power cord – it is very thin, unlike typical huge cable competitors. Lovers of aesthetic appeal strongly recommend to pay attention.

The settings menu LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

In the main menu, LG 24MP76 can adjust the brightness, response time matrix, clarity and contrast, color, and a list of additional parameters. In addition to the menu button on the panel is a dedicated button to switch to reading. The effect is similar to the one that offers the software Flux – the picture becomes yellowish colors become warmer, and your eyes less tired from the long hanging behind the monitor.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Also among the presets, you can choose the game mode, emphasis on the text or watching a movie. All of them are perfect to match the name, setting the optimal brightness and color temperature.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

The monitor uses AH-IPS matrix by LG Display with a diagonal of 23.8 inches and an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Resolution – 1920×1080 pixels.

During testing, I used the monitor as the primary, because the diagonal small working chromebook frankly not enough. For two weeks I have productively worked from morning till night, and I can say that LG 24MP76 did not disappoint. Matt coating protects from the sun’s glare, since I work near a window. Close to the natural color rendition, if not turn the settings. In the end I opted for a cold color profile and mode display “Text” on the basis of their specific activity.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Response time of 5 ms was the key to a quick reaction to any action. Viewing angles are characteristic of the family members of IPS-matrix. In the event the brightness decreases slightly, but not critical to understand.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

The only question arose to the level of maximum brightness – it may not be sufficient in some circumstances avid gamers or designers who work on the street. But the minimum level (about 30 candelas per square meter) is ideal for night-time reading and work without additional light sources.

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

Special mention deserves the built-in speakers. The very existence certainly pleasant for the time of operation of the monitor entertained our office works Chuck’a Berry. Volume enough to put on the ears and at the same time a pair of adjacent rooms, but this is not worth it. To the level of 35-45% in volume fared well, but after a terrible start trash. Speakers are converted into open composition porridge, about any detail or purity of sound is not out of the question.

Conclusions LG 24MP76

Review of the Monitor LG 24MP76

LG is not afraid of experiments – Monitor LG 24MP76 sure example. Attractive frameless design, thoughtful menu, natural color reproduction and a set of useful presets – the strengths of the hero of our review. In sacrificed ergonomics, a small number of available slots and connection is not very large stock of brightness. The price tag justifies wages designers if looks are not important, you can find similar solutions at a affordable price.

Pros LG 24MP76

  • Universal design solution
  • Frameless design
  • Color Quality
  • Useful presets, including read-only mode

Cons LG 24MP76

  • No controls the height and orientation change
  • Dynamics at high volume lose sound quality
  • I would like a more acceptable price tag

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