HTC modesty is difficult not to envy

2014 marked the beginning of almost reincarnation of HTC. According to the chairman Cher Wang, the Taiwanese brand is now looking for new ways to not only developed Soup, but also on the marketing strategy. Fruits last changes we have incidentally seen. This, for example, and great movies about possible successors smartphone One, and ridicule by Samsung and its Galaxy Note fabletom in particular . However, the story does not end there. Some time ago, the company published its own version of the history of portable music players, in which the upcoming HTC flagship won a seat.

Beginning of the development of mobile music can be considered in 1954, in which appeared the first portable radio. However, patrons of our site will remember that the true recognition and distribution of this category of gadgets received only four years later, when their production came from the company LG .

Whatever it was, already in 1969 the arena out tape, or he loves to talk the English part of our planet – Boombox. Underestimate their influence is really difficult. Many of us have one or another of certain species has hitherto. Especially in the kitchen.

First portable players emerged with a difference of five years. The main difference was the only source of music playback. In 1979 it was the cassette, whereas in 1984 – CDs.

New century demanded something radically new, and it was destined to become media players. Huge iPod with 160 GB of internal memory and other similar models – who does not remember?

However, 6 years later – in 2007 – became the latest market share rapidly tumbling down. Blame for this was, of course, smart phones, which gradually accumulated the capabilities of different devices, gradually replacing its monofunctional competitors.

The last in this list is an updated version of the smartphone HTC One, the characteristics of which are no longer secret. According to the logic, the second generation of gadgets in comparison with the first will get some improvements. Otherwise, what’s the point would be to focus on it?

What would such an idea – or bravado well-deserved praise BoomSound in tandem with BeatsAudio – will become clear very soon. And what to expect from the new smartphone you?

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