First look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 3

In a sunny, but a little cool Berlin, Samsung presented a smartphone Galaxy Note 3. Two years ago, the first presentation of the Note has been reduced to its appearance at the IFA. This time the event was held separately from the show, and was attended by a large number of journalists. Half an hour before the start to find a place in the hall was almost impossible, and Wi-Fi-network after an influx has not risen. These two radically different presentation well show how much importance has grown Note the model number of Samsung, and that of the model, in fact, was the second leader. Were you able to make Galaxy Note 3 much better than its predecessor, I will tell in my first impressions of the device.

Display the Galaxy Note 3 uses 5.68-inch touchscreen Super AMOLED-display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. has excellent viewing angles. Color, however, seemed to me a little cold, but the downside to this is not true. smartphone is great for reading websites and books. Due to the large area of ​​the screen and higher resolution view Web pages on the screen Note 3 very comfortable.

Platform to the presentation of information about the characteristics of Note 3 appeared on the Internet, and, as it turned out, it was pretty accurate. To list all the specifications of the smartphone I will not, you can view the corresponding news . note only that Note 3 appears in two versions, and because Ukraine does not have LTE (and still will), we will deliver to the model of the system-on-chip Exynos Octa 5420, which includes the 4 core Cortex-A15 with 1.9 GHz + 4 core Cortex-A7 with a frequency of 1.3 GHz and the graphics Mali-T628 MP6. RAM in the device as much as 3 GB, which is already close to 4GB in most modern laptops. Built-in memory in Note 3 may be 32 or 64 GB, depending on the model, which can extend through the microSD card for another 64 GB.

Measure the performance of Note 3, I did not, and did not do very well on the show a sample, but with such a platform device should show a very good result.

Design Note 3 Samsung designers have tried to move away a bit from the already become a byword glossy plastic. result was that almost the entire front panel of the device covers the protective glass, but the rear part still made of plastic, but with a special texture “under the skin”. side faces as “masked” by the metal. of the smartphone, though, really freshened. the sense of touch have changed for the better, to feel more pleasant glossy textured coating. Such a move would have a positive effect on the durability of the device, its rear cover is not so much wipe. this case, despite the increase in the display, Samsung, by reducing the scope, it was possible to make the body a little smaller, thinner (151,2 x79, 2×8, 3 mm) and lighter (168 grams) predecessor. Note 3 In the hand feels lighter than it actually is.


Connectors and control keys in the Galaxy Note 3 is not changed. Samsung users accustomed to a single scheme, and now uses it constantly., the button lock / unlock the screen in Note 3 is located on the left side, and on the right – the volume button. top side is a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an infrared port. the bottom – the microUSB slot and a slot for the stylus. the screen are three functional camera: menu, home and back. the large display, Galaxy Note 3 size was a little smaller. In the hand unit does not look overwhelming. To quickly get used to its size, and other smart phones are starting to appear too small. 3 convenient to use two hands, but the one hand – it depends on the human physiology and habits.


The basic 13-megapixel camera in Note 3 is similar to the one installed in the Galaxy S4, it takes pictures in roughly the same quality. the image depends on the level of illumination.

Working with the stylus and new features

The lion’s share is paid to the presentation of Samsung stylus, especially for Note 3 has updated its company.

In the operating system to work with it, new modes. The main one is called the Air Command.

If you press the button on the stylus and bring it to the screen, but do not touch, then the top of the pop-up menu interface. Use it to add a new note.

For this application Samsung remade S Note, which is now able to synchronize with Evernote. Each purchaser Note 3 receive 12 months of premium subscription for the service.

In addition, a pop-up menu of any content on this website is the poison in the application Scrapbook. It allows you to save any pieces of a web page, the video image.

Complementing all of this opportunity through the menu to choose a function that allows you to draw a square on the screen the right size, and roughly the same proportions will appear widget. may for example be a calculator or calendar.

Thanks to Note 3 to the right 3 GB of RAM, the Samsung claimed that brought multitasking to a new level. In this regard, the company really did a good job.

In the next two windows can be opened the same application and copy from one to another text. This can be done simply highlighting and dragging.

Multi Vision will feature as an addition to Group Play. If the latter allows you to connect several Samsung smartphones to listen to music, the new does the same thing, but with the video. Running the Multi Vision, users can make several smartphones Samsung one screen.

As a result,

Samsung’s managed to improve on all the Galaxy Note, releasing its third version. Although not all the features in it will find practical application, and the plastic in the casing still remains, Note 3 for the Samsung is a big step forward. The company not only increased it napakovala screen and new features, it came to the sensible to try to make a great smartphone easy to use. On the cost of Galaxy Note 3 to the presentation nothing was said, but Samsung will release the device on sale before the end of this month.

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