DAC TAD DA1000 review

DAC TAD DA1000 review

The claim that we like TAD DA1000 – is almost nothing to say. Models with the highest sound quality are not uncommon in this category, but even in the light of the usual luxury that DAC was a real diamond.

The company TAD is not too invested in marketing so that many readers it may be unfamiliar. It belongs to Pioneer, its name means Technical Audio Devices (Technical Audio Devices), and in the beginning the company produced high-performance studio AS.Krepky TAD DA1000 weighs no less than 16.5 kg. Most of the weight falls on the body – very durable and perfectly damped. The quality of the finishing and perfect as to be in this price range: every detail of the body delights precision machining and assembly.

This DAC is a lot of different connectors, as well as – which is rare among premium devices – remote control of comparable quality

The front display is too small; it perfectly readable even from a distance, but the information is too scarce. Thick plate body partially blocking the screen when viewed from above.

Inside the case, you can see the spacious bay adapter, thoughtful layout, and to estimate how much attention is given to noise reduction.

Feature of TAD DA1000

DAC TAD DA1000 review

In TAD DA1000 good range of connectors; digital inputs presented USB, AES / EBU, optical and coaxial pair. USB-port accepts files with sample rates up to 384 kHz, optical input is limited to 96 kHz. The other two are intermediate inputs, supporting standards up to 192 kHz. As usual in this category, there are balanced and unbalanced outputs – DAC sounds perfectly in both cases. On the front is a 6.3-mm headphone output with volume control.

At once, we do not have to complain about the quality of the remote control supplied with the equipment High-End-class. This very pleasant to the touch and is very convenient in the case.

Start listening, we quickly realized that to really love the sound of the TAD DA1000. Basically, we tested it with the reference system, which includes a network player Naim NDS / 555PS, MacBook program Pure Music, preamplifier / power amplifier Bryston BP26 / 4B SST2 and speakers ATC SCM50.

DAC TAD DA1000 review

We almost immediately decided to abandon the Bryston Pre and give the signal to the TAD DA1000 directly to the power amplifier. This approach significantly increases the transparency and detail, barely losing (as often happens) in density, dynamics, and drive.

Miles Davis album Sketches Of Spain in the CD-copy is executed just fine. The detail unimaginably high; TAD unearths the quietest instrument parts so earnestly, as if it affects his life. This study does not result in the degree of stiffness or roughness sound. We were captivated by soft tone character for all analytic and high-resolution sound TAD becomes sterile. The poor quality of records is always felt, but does not appear in the foreground.

DAC TAD DA1000 review

The more we listen, the more admired TAD DA1000 ability to maintain the acoustic space around the instruments and perfection Micro dynamic. But do not jump to conclusions; Gimme Shelter Rolling Stones group in 24-bit / 88.2 kHz makes it clear that, if necessary, the DAC is able to set the heat.

Headphone showed himself no worse. And the album Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy sampled at 16-bit / 44.1 kHz, and the Berlioz song cycle “Summer Nights” with the parameters of 24-bit / 192 kHz exceptionally good. A variety of headphones – from Grado PS500 to BeyerDynamics T1 – TAD DA1000 played with the same great sound character is not different from that obtained with the line outputs.

Conclusion of TAD DA1000

DAC TAD DA1000 review

TAD DA1000 – one of the most talented digital to analog converters, which we have seen. We never distinguished as much detail in the familiar digital files; while its inherent sound rare vitality and drive. It is always interesting to listen to, can boast not every competitor. If you want to get a glimpse of the tops of the DAC technology, TAD DA1000 will provide it to the fullest.

Source: Tad-Labs

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