CEO of Samsung Note 4 and improved version of Galaxy S5

Over a long period of time on the web wanders hearing about the improved version of the current flagship Galaxy S5. Characteristics representative of the mysterious F-range tipped downright fabulous. It came about 2K display, and eight cores, and even the introduction of diamond-like substance on the surface of the smartphone. In other words, this idea really interested users. But how real is it? Details about some products near future shared president Shin Jong-Kyun.

In a recent interview with our Korean colleagues kbench CEO Samsung broached the subject of three products. Call received full information is difficult, however, as you know, knowledge – force. First of all, it was mentioned the fourth generation of the well-known South Korean fableta.

Note 4

In short, the device will be and will this fall. Accordingly, all the rumors about the possible termination of the engineers on the Note or postpone the announcement last indefinitely can be discarded.

Updated Galaxy S5

The current flagship of the company has not met expectations. The main reason for disappointment, of course, is hidden in the materials used housing. Many people still believe that a device with such a high price tag must have a metal body.

Remedy this state of affairs was destined premium version of the device, whose characteristics have been significantly ahead. Whatever it was, many questioned the need for such a step: especially considering the fact that before the launch of the Galaxy S5 is less than a month.

It turns out that this assumption was correct. Shin said that any rumors about the more expensive version of the fifth “Galaxy” nothing more than fictions.

Mysterious smartphone

However, the fact that work on improved refutation Galaxy S5 does not deny the possibility of submitting a new flagship line. In favor of this says the following statement by President of the company:

We will help to strengthen their positions in the creation of smart phones, televisions and chipsets by the issue of bonus data series devices.

Accordingly, it is likely that Samsung is really ready to replace the five-year line of Galaxy S, which will get a unique design.

And believe it or not to overthrow the Crown in the flagship Galaxy S5 you? Do not forget to tell about it in the comments.

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