The new version of the name Android L

The new version of the name Android L

The new version of the name Android L

If the latest rumors are true, to the presentation of the new Nexus is still less than a week, already on October 15-16, we can see the new Google-device , and with them, of course, and the next version of Android L. What a sweet note is a grand event? Absolute certainty is still no. L Android may be the next bar of chocolate and candy, and lemon cake, and even something of which we had not previously suspected.

The new theory is based on the post by Giovanni Calabrese in Google+, which is on the order of fate is one of the designers responsible for the remarkable figures of Android, mounted in front of the Google campus in Mountain View. In this publication, Giovanni suddenly expressed his attitude to licorice (Licorice).

“I’ve never felt much sympathy for licorice, but my gosh! There are some – just great taste !!! “

Whether or not a coincidence that the man responsible for “Sweet” Android-statues, and probably has some insider information, wrote about the sweetness with a capital “Android L“?  The question, of course, rhetorical.

If you remember, recently Google, noting its 16-year anniversary, we hinted at the “Hard Candy” , adorning the top of their birthday cake. However, you should take a closer look – and you can see a number of licorice!

In the past, the name KitKat for Android 4.4 was a big surprise, most expected that once the sweetness will be Key Lime Pie (key lime pie). Are we waiting for a similar surprise this year or secret was revealed in one of the versions? Decoupling very soon!

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