Google does not consider tablets “mobile” devices

What is included in the category of “mobile“? Seemingly simple question. Of course, those gadgets that we can always take with you. Ideally, perhaps, are those that fit in your pocket. Initially, it was our phones, then one operation with them stood PDA and then, and smartphones. When there were plates, they were also enrolled in the category of “mobile”, partly, perhaps, due to the same operating system, whether it’s Android or iOS, the same input methods as touchscreens. But is it true?

Google, it seems, does not think so. That’s what they say in the application of the Commission on U.S. securities

“Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to determine what exactly are the “mobile” platform, and how it will be in the future. For example, at the initial stage, most industry observers determined plates as “mobile devices.”

This coincided with our own vision, as evidenced by the fact that the report of the income in the mobile market sector for the third quarter 2011 and 2012 includes both mobile phones and tablets.

However, as the plates are gaining momentum in the market, it became clear that their use is rather like using a PC than mobile phones. In our campaign management tool, which was launched in 2013, now requires the same rate for the advertising campaigns for PCs and tablets.

In a short period of time, Google dramatically changed the understanding of the term “mobile” with “tablet + phone” on “phone”. We expect that this value will continue to further shift towards increasingly gaining momentum “smart” devices. “

Perhaps, in that there is some sense. If you used to classify the “mobile” device and its OS input method, here there are some problems. Android has long been used in digital cameras, audio systems and other technology, iOS get to the car, which, of course, can be attributed to mobile, but in a somewhat different meaning. Yes, and touch screens are no longer the prerogative of handheld gadgets, after moving not only to laptops, but also much larger touchpads. Also, frankly, not much difference in portability between tablet and netbook or ultrabook, but for some reason, the last is not added to the “mobile”.

If we consider the use of the device key, really, smartphone more often used outside the home, while the tablet is usually “bedside” device.

About says similar thoughts and presented on the eve of Microsoft Surface Pro 3, which not only tried to combine the tablet and laptop, but also actively compared with the presentation of Macbook Air.

It only remains unclear whether the plates stop considering “mobile” devices or start classing them and laptops. Also do not forget about such devices as fablety / smartwatch / planshetofony (underline), as well as various transformers like Asus T100 or all the same Surface, which largely blur all boundaries classifications.

And whether you agree with the position of Google and how to draw the line between devices themselves?

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