Oppo has posted a teaser network N3 with PTZ

Oppo N3 has posted a teaser network with PTZ

Oppo has posted a teaser network N3 with PTZ

Spread a network of teasers of their upcoming devices has become a tradition of Oppo. So they did, and today, lit some details smrtphone Oppo N3. Rather, shown was almost home part of it – PTZ camera. And it is very ambiguous.

In addition, the module that was very similar to what we could see in the precursor represented Oppo N1, the novelty appeared “line” and “plastic under the skin.” With that, judging by the picture, it will were present only at the turning mechanism. It turns out that the Oppo is going to continue wearing the old design for the Samsung? After all, like with the release of Note 4 Koreans refused parody thread.

In addition to the camera eye, we can also see a double flash. Both elements are framed longitudinal metal edging. It is expected that the entire module can be rotated by 206 degrees. At least, these are the figures featured in the characteristics of its predecessor.

If you believe the rumors, in terms of the characteristics necessary to wait for 5.9″ display with a resolution of 1080p, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 805, 3GB of RAM, in other words, only in the maximum, meeting time. But the main element of the smartphone, namely, its camera is likely to be equipped with a module with a resolution of 13 MP.

Perhaps in the light will be released three color variations Oppo N3: white, pink and purple and turquoise poisonous. It is possible that the company will present and a second version of the device, wherein the rotating mechanism will be located on the cylindrical insert. Something like we are seeing in the line of tablets from Lenovo Yoga.

Oppo has posted a teaser network N3 with PTZ

Generally the whole idea of ​​turning the camera, of course, curled around one, as for me, a very flawed concept – self. In recent years, just went crazy with these attacks fotonartsissizma and manufacturers only potokat. HTC has recently also decided to provide an opportunity to photograph a favorite in high resolution and with a flash, showing Desire Eye . And their approach, to be honest, I like more. After all, take a look for yourself, Oppo N3, as N1, will simply huge, even if it was “normal” by today’s standards 5-5.5″ display. Because rotary mechanism itself takes a lot of space in height. But chin device also has not been canceled. All this against the background of the fact that the size has become one of the main reasons is not the greatest popularity of the previous model. Apparently, the mistakes of the Chinese do not really know how to learn.

I’ve little idea a man who for 13 MP so self sacrifice ease of use in terms of size. Of course, first of all devices are oriented to the Asian market, and the demand there is very specific, especially when it comes to lampshades or self, but, nevertheless, I think it’s a bit too much.

Wait for the official announcement of the smartphone for fans dealat SELF using huge shovels should be October 29. Then we already know all the details. And what sacrifices you are willing to go (and are ready if at all) for the sake of quality self?

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