Not so long ago, started selling smartphone Explay HD Quad, and at the windows is already out of his successor. Explay Communicator got another design, it has a high-quality 13 megapixel camera, the filling is still attractive: a sufficiently powerful quad-core processor MTK6589, 1 GB of RAM and an extra large 5.7-inch screen with a high-quality IPS-matrix and HD-resolution.


  • Operating System: Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
  • Processor: Quad MTK6589, 1,2 GHz, the accelerator PowerVR SGX 544
  • Memory: 4 GB ROM, microSD expansion slot up to 32 GB, 1 GB RAM
  • Display: IPS, 5,7-inch, 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Camera: 13 MP, flash, recording Full HD-video, a front facing camera (2MP)
  • Communications: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, USB 3.0, GPS, two SIM-cards
  • Navigation: iGo loaded with maps of Russia
  • Battery: Removable, 2500 mAh
  • Dimensions: 162 x 82,7 x 8,9 mm
  • Weight: 172 g
  • The official price at the start of sales: $395 (August 2013).



A large unit is made entirely of plastic, which can be felt around the screen, where they dominate the edge, forming a frame around the display. They will play the role of a protective rim, if you put a smartphone screen surface. Surround prorezinnenogo material most often used in such devices cheaper gloss, so that we can write this in the advantages of our model.


The rear surface entirely closed softtachem, removable lid features a practical coating. It does not require too careful handling, as is usually the case with glossy smartphones. 


Build quality is very good, tight fitting parts ensures that no annoying squeaks or play parts of the body. When the display is off, the surface is almost merges with the outside, it looks pretty. 


Parts Location standard. Above the screen is placed a small earpiece grille, to the right is a set of sensors to automatically adjust the screen’s backlight and the proximity sensor. Also here there is a front facing camera. Downstairs contains three touch buttons with backlight. 


On the left side wall taken out a large and comfortable volume rocker. This is convenient, but more compact button is on the right side. She is responsible for locking the screen. 


Among other useful elements is to provide a microphone on the bottom end, a recess to remove the cover on the right side. At the upper end made all the connectors: microUSB port and 3.5mm headphone output.



Explay Communicator received a large 5.7-inch screen. Diagonal was much larger than its predecessors to this model, which certainly will please all lovers of great smartphones. 



The display quality is still high. The smartphone uses high-quality IPS-matrix, which provides a very wide viewing angles. Margin of brightness enough for a different environment, a sensor to automatically adjust the backlight works well. Diagonal has grown, and the resolution remained the same, it is 720 x 1280 pixels. On the one hand, it is less than the same Explay HD Quad, but we have a larger display, while on the graininess and insufficiently high density of dots can not complain, significant loss in image quality has not occurred.


The smartphone is a 1.2GHz processor MediaTek 6589 with four cores, 1 GB of RAM, a graphics accelerator PowerVR SGX 544MP. Built-in memory of 4 GB, besides there is a slot microSD, which allows you to expand it to the desired size using a removable storage device.


The filling is very good, on the one hand, it is possible to save money and to make a purchase inexpensive smartphone with interesting features. But at the same time, the device is quite productive in order to be able to play any modern games, watch high quality videos. Of course, the menu is fast and smooth, no brakes, use the device nicely. 



The replacement battery has increased significantly and now is 2500 mA * h A single charge lasts for 1-1.5 days of battery life. If the play of the order of 3.5 hours, and video playback is of 6-7 hours depending on the brightness of the display.


Explay Communicator runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. Productive filling allows the system to run fast and smoothly, without delays or glitches. Making the most of the standard.


You are offered five desktops for widgets and shortcuts where you can group all at your own sequence. The status bar menu hides notices. In addition, the smartphone has an indicator light that immediately attracts attention.


You can customize the lock screen to make it to the window menu, messages, calendar, clock, and quickly launch the camera. In addition, holding the lock icon, you can quickly jump to the message menu, calls, camera, or unlock the device.


At the bottom leaves little widget for managing music, so comfortable to switch songs without making unnecessary actions. The smartphone offers a great menu for quick access to certain functions. The screen shows a small translucent box after clicking on it opens a window with nine labels.


Smartphone has two slots for SIM-cards of standard size. The first compartment supports 3G/2G-seti, second only works with 2G-networks. Accordingly, to access the Internet more interesting to use the first card and the other for voice calls.

In the menu the mode with the cards: choose the one that is used by default for different actions. When making a call or sending an SMS, you can choose which one will be used.


From the dedicated button for shooting in this model refused. So now the application is launched either from the menu or by using the shortcut shortcuts on the lock screen. The smartphone has an extensive menu with a number of settings, including HDR-mode, special effects, and there are built-in photo editor, which can be run from the gallery.

explay-communicator-smartphone-review-raqwe.com-11For video handy front-facing camera, and in all other cases, the aid will come 13 megapixel module. In addition, the device is able to record videos in FullHD-quality. When shooting in low light conditions it useful supplement will flash.


The music player offers a ready-made set of profiles, which include customizable presets, including manual settings. The smartphone is able to sort the tracks in several categories, displaying the cover and buttons to control the player on the lock screen.


Do not forget about the radio, if you want you can turn on FM-radio.


Large and very nice screen is great for watching videos. Smartphone convenient to use as a mobile cinema and watch videos in HD-quality. Given the limited codec support, the installation of a single player can be a useful idea.


Like its predecessors, the model features a large-screen TV. It’s nice that smartphones do not skimp on the matrix display for the money is excellent. Large 5.7-inch diagonal, very good color IPS-LCD, HD-high resolution. In addition, it changed the design, instead of gloss to make the rear panel is now used in more pleasant and practical softtouch-material. In addition, please filling: performance quad-core enough for gaming and smooth operation of the smartphone, and the new 13-megapixel camera with flash allows you to take high-quality pictures. Thus, for a modest sum of $395, you can get a handy media center, not overpaying for the brand.

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