Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

Today we begin a new line meets a mid-level device from Samsung. Galaxy E line was introduced at CES 2015 and currently includes two smartphones: Galaxy E5 and Galaxy E7. The main differences between them are diagonal display – 5 and 5.5 inches, respectively. Galaxy E positioned as a budget solution with respect to the line A and differs primarily a slightly different appearance and body materials. On this and other differences, see the today’s review.

Appearance Samsung Galaxy E5 is unlikely to be a revelation, but nevertheless does not become worse. The original can not say, and that is a product of Samsung’s no doubt, even if there were no any markings on the body. Here we can see some points used in the Galaxy S5, certain features of the Galaxy Alpha, and the rear panel so completely identical to that of the Galaxy A5.

The device looks expensive, not least because of the love for Samsung glossy body parts and does not feel cheap or in appearance, not in your hand, but a little later about ergonomics. Tested a white version of the smartphone, on sale will also be available brown and dark blue version.

The front panel has a pattern of fine stripes with sequins, which adds a certain elegance Galaxy E5. Above the display is traditional for many devices of a set of earpiece, proximity sensor, as well as the camera lens. Light sensor and indicator missed events available. Below the display is located above the surface of the body mechanical the home button and a pair of touch keys.

Set of connectors and layout of the controls on the side faces are familiar with the latest models of Samsung. On the right side wall is a button lock on the left – the volume rocker, the lower bound is currently collected on the interface connector micro-USB, 3,5 mm audio jack, and a microphone. The upper face is empty, except for the opening of the second microphone. By the way, the sidewall somewhat raised above the glass, on the one hand, will protect the display at the position on the table face down on the other – the first candidate for the loss of the presentation.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

When viewed from the back surface of the impression that this is a Galaxy A5 and they are really identical. On either side of the protruding beyond the body of the camera lens to place speakers and LED flash. Chrome decoration camera is a good complement to the appearance of stroke. Similarity with the A5 and adds a beautiful bronze in the light.

Dimensions Samsung Galaxy E5 constitute 141,6 × 70,2 × 7,3, which is quite acceptable for a 5-inch smartphone. Pretty small thickness stressed smooth sidewalls, and thanks not so sharp corners, as in the A-series, keep the smartphone more enjoyable. The only drawback – the case of slippery enough, the first time should be careful, smartphone easily let go. Another detail which pay attention – the keys hard enough, they have a distinct way and click and requires significant efforts to press that eliminates accidental pressing. In contrast to the line Galaxy A, representatives of the E-series are made entirely of plastic, the body molded, and the build quality is excellent, no detail smartphone does not produce superfluous sounds and perfectly resists twisting.


In Samsung Galaxy E5 installed 5-inch Super AMOLED-matrix with a resolution of 1280×720. Point density is 294 ppi. Minimum brightness is 9.6 cd / m² and a maximum – 366. In this case, it is possible to increase the maximum brightness of the display can be up to 443 indexes in cd / m², which, in fact, gives a very slight advantage on a sunny day, but in general, the information remains readable. Thus, the possibility of automatic adjustment of the brightness not. Safety glass got very good oleophobic coating.

Color reproduction is very pleased with both the matrix of this type. The white color looks really white, not gray, regardless of the mode the screen bright colors do not look aggressive and unnatural. We can say that this indicator display almost approached the IPS-matrices and good for viewing photos.

Hardware platform and shell

The smartphone is based on a system-on-chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 includes a quad-core Cortex-A53 with 64-bit computing. In the role of graphics, core supports Adreno 306. The level of performance as a whole is almost similar to that of the Galaxy A5 adjusted to 1.5 GB of RAM, however, given that tested a sample press release, the final results of the benchmarks may be slightly different. After downloading the user, is almost 1 GB.

Built-in memory in the machine to 16 GB, it is possible to expand this volume by using memory cards microSD. The truth in this case you have to sacrifice the ability to install a second SIM-card. Use the familiar scheme, when the first slot supports the installation of Nano-SIM, and a second memory card, or the second Nano-SIM.

The smartphone runs Android KitKat 4.4.4. Frankly pleased and surprised even smoother interface proprietary shell TouchWiz. Setting aside the analysis of the results of benchmarks, the machine will satisfy fans of smooth interfaces, launch programs implemented immediately, and the only bottleneck can be 1.5 GB of RAM in the most severe applications. Just no complaints and stability.

Gaming performance is at a sufficient level, but no more. Synthetic test “omnivorous” built-in player showed a satisfactory level of support known codecs. The sound quality of the headphones and loud, it will be enough for most.

Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

Comments to the work Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in the test sample have arisen. But the quality of communication has left much to be desired, despite the maximum signal level, the parties complained about the noise and distortion of the speech, where other phones worked flawlessly. Maybe this time will be even finalized. The volume and quality of both speakers at a high level. Power vibrator so as to be enough to avoid missing a call.

Galaxy E5 is equipped with a non-removable battery capacity of 2400 mAh. At mid-moderate load, synchronization is disabled-mail and social networks and a minimum of smartphone games live about two days. However, with the increased use – 30 minutes of calls, 15 minutes of games and a few hours of music smartphone can count on a full day. Bad is the situation and the regime of reading and watching videos.


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

Galaxy E5 is equipped with two cameras, the main takes pictures with a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels, and the front – 5. Both modules allow you to record FullHD-video. The quality of the photos taken with both cameras get enough average, good images are obtained only in sunny weather, although, in fairness, it should be noted that in the absence of natural light, you can get satisfactory pictures. For fans of “self” front camera can be described as an entry-level. The camera interface is virtually identical to that of the Galaxy A5.


Smartphone Samsung Galaxy E5 review

On the one hand, users are somewhat simplified version of the Galaxy A5, on the other hand, E5 – it’s a pretty good trump Samsung in the lowest price bracket middle segment. Certainly not without compromises, such as, for example, the absence of the light sensor or the use of a second SIM-card or a memory card.


+ Appearance

+ Display

+ Speed and smooth operation

Did not like:

– Slippery body

– No automatic brightness adjustment

Source: Samsung

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