"Google plus lost the right path..." - former Google employee

“Google plus lost the right path…” – former Google employee

"Google plus lost the right path..." - former Google employee

To date, a large role in the Internet environment play a social network, they are all thematically different. Each of you has heard at least once about Google plus but few are clear on the network. Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Why do you need it, when there are Facebook, Twitter, and so on?” In this issue we will try to understand.

Google is very strict promotes Google plus but if you look at how often they update their mobile app, it seems that it was abandoned and allowed to flow, but it is not – the app from Google does not need frequent updates – why update something that works well and without complaints? Google does not forget about their social networks.

Google plus lost the right path…

"Google plus lost the right path..." - former Google employee

Google+ is perfect for those who are very closely associated with other services Google, such as YouTube, Hangouts. And yet, in fact, Google plus – is something unlike the others. Again, if you take Facebook, we prefer to VK, if we take the Vine, then we prefer Instagram. But if you like Google plus then there is simply no alternative. And this is probably his feature.

But some people think differently – one of them is a former Google employee Chris Messina (Chris Messina). Chris left the company in August 2013. He thinks that Google+ is going in the wrong direction and its task is to direct competition with Facebook. In his opinion, would be wrong if “the future of digital identification will be in the hands of one company (assuming Facebook)”. Chris thinks that Google+ has lost his true path:

“If you look at the long term, then you will understand why this period of time is very important: the company and the applications that are gaining ground in our lives with you create their own solid ground for future development. Google – this is one of those companies that have already done so; I hope, Facebook, too. The fundamental problem that has me with Google+ – is that I just do not understand it. And the fact that I do not understand, makes me nervous and cause nervous and you.”

Agree with him or not – you decide. However, it seems to us, Google plus has taken its niche in which it feels good. And many would agree that the social network was not created to compete with Facebook or Twitter. What do you think?

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