Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

The success of the brand Q Acoustics phenomenal. The company started work in 2006 and immediately began to produce best-in-class speaker at a reasonable price. But the most interesting – it still continues to do so. Model Q Acoustics 3020 enters a new 3000-th line. AU multiple award-winning 2000 series are still being produced, and it is difficult to understand whether sufficient demand for the latest news.

The line includes two models, one shelf and floor speakers, the center speaker and subwoofer. Q Acoustics 3020 – a marker of shelves. The outside speaker has not changed, but everything else was completely new. It incorporates many of the lessons learned in the development of a series of premium Concept. This is particularly evident in relation to the body from the line used in the construction of Concept “sandwich” because of price considerations had to be abandoned, but its quality is worthy of the brand Q Acoustics.

Design of Q Acoustics 3020

Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

The housing primarily half centimeter made of MDF-boards with a two-layer three-centimeter and the top panel similar to the front structure in a thickness of 2.4 cm. The ribs in areas relevant to the strength and minimize the resonances. As a result, it went exceptionally rugged housing which provides a solid foundation for the speakers.

Terminals at the Q Acoustics 3020 to 2000 Series was hidden under the panel base, moved into a more comfortable position on the back. This solution not only increases the availability of the connectors, and rigidity.

A less obvious advantage – a significant reduction in body depth compared to Q Acoustics 2020i. Although its internal volume was almost unchanged. The height and width are unchanged.

If the model 2020i allowed dual-cable connection, the Q Acoustics 3020 became the single-cable. This may seem like a step backward, but in this price category is better to rely on a single segment of decent cable than double of the connectors of a lower quality.

AC is available in five finishes: two standard (matt graphite and black American walnut). And three for $ 160 on top – white or black lacquer and unusual leather.

Sound of Q Acoustics 3020

Get us a test pattern in white lacquer is simply magnificent. And such attention to detail can envy almost all competitors. However, the Q Acoustics 3020 did not stop there: the dynamics have also been updated. Diffuser 12.5-centimeter mid / bass head is now made not of cellulose with the addition of mica, and on the same basis. But with aramid fibers, better known as Kevlar. Q Acoustics 3020 increases the stiffness of the paper cone and makes his behavior more predictable. According to the Q Acoustics, it creates a “more natural tone.”

The new inch tweeter is unusual: it is equipped with a diaphragm, combines the advantages of a ring radiator and the dome. This provides a low distortion and a wide acceptance angle HF. The tweeter incorporates two ferrite magnet. The entire unit is isolated from the housing by a gasket of butyl rubber, which isolates it from vibrations and improves housing clarity.

Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

These speakers are connected to the revised crossover, which used higher quality in comparison with 2000 was a series of components. Q Acoustics 3020 design is intended to reduce the level of distortion, including phase at a frequency partition.

These speakers will feel good about themselves and companies such as microsystems Denon DM39. And in the full audio path. They are “easy-going” and not too demanding on the quality of the original signal.

Over the years, the company has developed a proprietary Q Acoustics sound character – her models refined and elaborate sound, which to a large extent inherent in the dynamics of energetic and rhythmic drive. All of this is available and Q Acoustics 3020.

Thanks, sophistication inherent in these Q Acoustics, no highlights sharp features and hard in the sound of other system components. They also are not too picky about the shortcomings of the material – even MP3-files with low bit rate can bring a lot of joy to the listener.

But the equipment and the recording quality thanks to transparency Q Acoustics 3020 can open fully. In a typical system with their participation could include, for example, CD-player and amplifier Marantz 6005 (at $ 850 each). However, these speakers are so good they will feel at home even in the company of much more expensive Audiolab 8200CD and Arcam A19.

It is necessary to take care of the installation of speakers. They performed well on the wall bracket, but we recommend a good strong stand, such as Atacama Moseco 6 for $ 400 or, better still, Q Acoustics Concept for $ 600. Given the prices themselves speakers of these options seem to be too expensive, but they will help to fully realize all the advantages of sound Q Acoustics 3020.

Q Acoustics loves to produce best-in-class speaker at a reasonable price. And new Q Acoustics 3020 is no exception. With the right mix of partners, you get sound that surpasses the quality standards in the category

Q Acoustics 3020 is not too picky for placement. We most like their sound about 15 cm from the wall behind – but even in the open space it preserves tonal balance. Due to the wide angle radiation pattern reversal speakers to the listener is not required. But the Q Acoustics 3020 allows you to get an extended and coordinated the stereo.

“Romeo and Juliet” by Prokofiev demonstrates the wide, deep and diverse music scene with a focused image instrument. Dynamics is excellent. AS confidently recreate powerful crescendo and masterful subtlety Micro dynamic discharged, leaving the competition far behind the plan.

Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

Terry’s Song Bruce Springsteen deeply touched reliably convey emotion in the story of the singer about his grief over the loss of a friend. Tweeter copes with the case and brings sharpness, but smoothing excessive sharpness of the recording.

Go to the song Radio Nowhere – Q Acoustics 3020 and prove that they, too, groovy rock strength. The energetic composition pleases drive, dynamism, and rapid attack.

The music of various genres – from the album Coexist band The XX with delicate arrangements and energetic Post Bjork to “Seasons” by Vivaldi – played by these tiny beauties are incredibly good. For such modest size, they have a very strong and vigorous bass. And the high maximum volume.

Speakers Q Acoustics 3020 review

Pick them suitable partners – and you get a sound. Quality is far beyond the usual standards of this category. Value for money is phenomenal. Will they be able to get around Wharfedale Diamond 220 – the current champion of the budget segment? We have little reason to doubt.

Price: $ 530

Rating: 5

Pros: Unmatched combination of sophistication, meticulousness and dynamics; Design and finishing

Cons: For this price – nothing

Conclusion of Q Acoustics 3020

Yet another excellent low bookshelf speakers from the Q Acoustics 3020 with a surprisingly high-quality sound for this category.

Source: QAcoustics

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