Function of third-party applications that are missing in the Android Wear

Function of third-party applications that are missing in the AndroidWear

Function of third-party applications that are missing in the Android Wear

AndroidWear is the next step in the transfer of notifications in a wristwatch. Which way should be to Google’s operating system for handheld devices? Perhaps the company should deal with the addition of new functions and the elimination of conflicting approaches? But it is a question of months, and perhaps years, but autumn evenings with your favorite music so nice to dream about how much will step technology of the future. Meanwhile in Google Play currently has many applications, replacing him missing feature of the operating system. Does their absence uncomfortable platform AndroidWear?

PCWorld columnist Jared Newman identified eight functions that already have third-party applications, but which, in his opinion, is lacking in AndroidWear.

1 Preparation of the notification of the forgotten phone

For everyone who sometimes forgets his phone at home, watch could be a “magic wand”, sending a notification as soon as the phone was outside access via Bluetooth.

Some third-party applications are able to send such messages. Among them Find phone (Find My Phone) from NICK APPS. Increase the level of safety in a loss of signal Bluetooth allows application Find My Phone 4 AndroidWear from Vimo Labs, adds in this case, an additional lock.

If this feature has become a function of Android Wear, the user would not have to put additional applications for this task, choosing among them is the best.

2 Automatic activation of the earpiece when you answer a call with the hours

AndroidWear does not help the user to accept the call. After all, if there is no clock speaker and speaker phone with them remotely activate it does not, you’ll have to take the phone.

AppendixWear Speaker of Bright Owusu-Amankwaa allows you to activate the speaker phone every time you answer the phone hours. This is useful when the user’s hands are busy.

Having the ability to activate the speaker directly in the dialogue answer the call could be the perfect solution.

3 Preventing the rupture of the notification

If the dream of the ideal clock, then they notice would be displayed without rough edges. But not all developers have optimized the code, some applications are transmitted on the clock interrupted notice.

Function of third-party applications that are missing in the Android Wear

Appendix Wear Notification Improver from Jonas Bark has a list of unsupported applications, allowing you to see the notice in the advanced mode and see the screen more information. Imperfect solution, but better than the broken notifications.

If there is a way to display the notification is better, then why the decision not to become a function of AndroidWear? Maybe because Google would like to see from developers greater support its platform for wearable devices?

4 Disabling a notification ringtone on your phone AndroidWear

AndroidWear allows you swipe down on the screen to transfer hours notice in silent mode. But the phone will still honk their admission. And with the help of hours you can not translate the notice into the “no sound”.

The solution may be installing the application Notification Toggle from j4velin. With it, you can turn off the sound and vibration of the phone, as well as to carry out a number of other settings remotely.

In AndroidWear would not prevent the ability to disable the notification signals not only on the clock, but also on the phone. Another thing is that the user can not understand the difference one from another swipe and disable sound notifications on your phone, even though he was not going to do that.

5 Turn off the screen at night hours

Remarkably, of course, that the Moto 360 and clocks based on AndroidWear can be used as an electronic clock on the bedside table, even at night to know the exact time, getting out of bed. But some people light prevents sleep. And it is very strange that the ability to turn off the screen at night is absent.

Appendix Slumber for Android Wear from Joel Anderson allows us to clock screen black while they charge. The application will not work if you do not run it at least once.

Black screen – not such a good decision. Much more interesting approach would be completely off the screen. Why Google does not allow the screen to turn off during charging hours by touching the power button?

6 Interaction with multiple devices

One of the most intelligent features AndroidWear is the ability of the operating system to determine when the user is listening to music or using Chromecast, and transfer control to smart watches. But if you listen to music or watch videos on the tablet, and not on the phone, the clock did not identify.

Using the app BeeLink for AndroidWear from AppKulfi, you can connect to the clock on the basis of AndroidWear more than one Android-device. But it works quite lumpy. Connecting the second apparatus may disconnect the connection with the first.

It would be nice if the operating system AndroidWear without any additional software allows you to connect multiple devices, or at least would provide limited support for the second devaysa, allowing, for example, run on it listening to music and watching videos. However, most likely, over time, smart watches become more self-sufficient device, but not accessories to smartphones, they are in fact at the moment.

7 Adjust the volume of the music playback

AndroidWear allows the user to pause, rewind or fast forward, but in order to adjust the volume, you will have to pick up the phone.

By installing the application Wear Volume Control from Varun Kochar, you will begin to be notified every time the phone plays music. Tapnuv on the appeared circular slider, you can adjust the volume of the music.

Separate notice – not too elegant solution. It would be much better if AndroidWear it possible to adjust the volume of the music on your phone, without resorting to additional software products.

8 lock screen clock to the time of bathing

All current hours based on AndroidWear water-resistant, but during the voyage, they do not always work correctly. Often, the water droplets are perceived as screen touches hours, opening dialogue voice commands and placing notices in random order.

Third-party application called Showear: AndroidWear Lock from Nicola Barresi gives the user the ability to temporarily block unwanted touching the screen by setting a screen lock method of his choice.

But it would be much better if AndroidWear learned to distinguish between touching the screen hours of water droplets from the user’s finger touches. Something like an icon in the form of droplets of water that appears when wet hours and disappears after the user repeatedly shake his hand. But this is a dream! At first, it would be enough time and options to lock the screen.

Function of third-party applications that are missing in the Android Wear

What other functions does not suffice AndroidWear? Are some of them, such that, in your opinion, could make smart watches more appealing to the masses of users?

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