Bright Switch, Wall Switch with Android lands on Indieoogo

Android devices “conventional” now there are of all brands and price ranges, but the potential of Google is very well-known SO the broader compared to “only” use in the mobile industry. A concrete example is Bright Switch, a wall switch with on board just the green robot.

To many it may seem something stupid, useless, but in the context of a fully computerized this particular device is indispensable. Technology is evolving at a relentless pace, and our homes are destined to follow this evolution.

But what exactly Bright Switch? It ‘s very simple, it is a series of switches, which, according to what the manufacturer, are not confined to the potty on / off light. There is talk of not one but three models, of which only the last one provided with Android. All three are equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity. But what exactly do these “gadgets”? Here is a summary explanation of the functions of the most advanced of the three switches:

  • Learning mode: after some days of use usually learn when we turn on / turn off the lights and do it automatically.
  • Dimmer: You can adjust the light intensity of many types of light bulbs, from LED to conventional ones.
  • Timer: You can program the on / off of the lights (or other).
  • Speaker and microphone: the device can be used as an intercom or alarm clock.
  • Proximity sensors / movement: the lights go out when we leave the room and light up when you enter.
  • Wi-Fi: You can check all the switches connected to the same network from a single terminal.
  • Other features include: date and time, night lights etc..

The project is financed on the note crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, and for $ 15 (plus shipping) you can award the “basic” model.

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