Fenix BC30R bright new bicycle flashlight

Fenix BC30R bright new bicycle flashlight

Fenix started selling a new bicycle flashlight BC30R, which apparently repeats last year’s model BC30. But a number of significant differences. Model BC30R allocated to the presence of a built-in battery of 5200 mAh, which is charged by USB-compatible source. Let’s look at the new flashlight closer.

The Fenix BC30R was revised system mount on the handlebars of the bicycle. And as the presence of OLED-display with a new system to control brightness and alarm about the level of charge.Let’s look at the main features of the new flashlight.

Features of Fenix BC30R

Fenix BC30R bright new bicycle flashlight

Fenix BC30R made in a robust aluminum housing protects the LED couple dense mineral crystal with anti-reflective coating.

Total water-resistant complies with IPX-6. In addition, the lamp is able to withstand a drop of the painless rigid surface with meter height. The weight of the lamp a little more than 221 grams. The maximum length of 114 mm, height about 32 mm, width 50.5 mm.

Fenix BC30R bright new bicycle flashlight

The model Fenix BC30R found two white LED Cree XM-L2 (T6) with a total capacity of up to 1600 lumens. And the maximum range of illumination for at least 155 meters. Just a flashlight has six operating modes, including a blinking mode with a capacity of 200 lumens. Major modes are divided into Low (100 lum., 20.2 h.), Mid (200 lum., 11.5 h.), High (500 lum., 4.3 h.), Turbo (800 lum., 2.4 hours).

Fenix BC30R bright new bicycle flashlight

And the maximum Burst (1600 lumens), which can be derived to include a separate button on the steering wheel.

Conclusion of Fenix BC30R

New LED Flashlight Fenix BC30R got the good technical performance and attractive appearance. Flashlight already available in specialty stores and is estimated to range from 140 to 160 dollars, depending on the choice of the seller.

Source: FenixLight

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