Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

Today the sum of $ 1,800 for the Blu-ray-player is very high. If less than $ 200 you can buy a wonderful device – such as earned high marks in August last year, Sony BDP-S6200 – whether because overpay for a new player Oppo? At first we were not sure about this, but after spending some time in the company’s BDP-105D, changed their mnenie.Prezhde all, call it simply Blu-ray-player would be wrong. Unlike many models of class High End it is not inferior equipped with the most players to the mass market, adding to them a couple of interesting features for the most loyal fans of video and sound.

In addition to the three standard types of discs – Blu-ray, DVD and CD – BDP-105D can also play SACD and DVD-Audio. This is not the most common formats, but they allow us to estimate the sound at the highest resolution, and this opportunity is a sin not to take advantage.

Fashionable now “smart” functions Oppo player also is not deprived: it supports Netflix, You Tube and BBC iPlayer and is able to translate the files in high resolution (up to 24 bit / 192 kHz) over a home network.

List of connections BDP-105D impressive; seems to Oppo decided to make virtually all. Here, a fair amount of battery connectors: three USB Type A, HDMI-inputs with support for MHL, a pair of HDMI-out, the usual set of digital optical and coaxial inputs, and USB-port type B. Optical and coaxial inputs accept signals with a sampling frequency of up to 96 kHz, USB – up to 192 kHz.

Wireless adapter provides streaming of over a home network

Digital inputs have similar components are particularly useful in the case where the DAC embedded in them really good. This player uses high quality chips ESS Sabre DAC, also applies in a magnificent DAC Audiolab M-DAC for $ 1000 and more expensive digital products.

Analog outputs are also quite a lot. In addition to the unbalanced and balanced XLR there is also a rarely seen multichannel audio output for connection to the old AV-receiver is not equipped with HDMI-input or output may not be with SACD or DVD-Audio.

New Oppo impressive from the very first moment. It is sturdy and reliable machine, not too beautiful, but very serious. Next to him, less expensive rivals look very undignified.

The buttons on the front panel responsive, but the display is less informative than we would like. We are used to display the sampling rate during streaming, but here it is not.

Overview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

It is sturdy and solid device, not too beautiful, but to create a sense of power and reliability

Remote control – the same solid and sturdy; it is convenient in the case and is backlit. We recommend that all manufacturers equip their consoles her; it is very useful in a dark room. We like this accessory, although the buttons on it too much.

Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

We start testing with Blu-ray-discs; in this respect BDP-105D is great. Image quality – above all praise. DARBEE processing function allows the owner to adjust the picture to your liking. After experimenting with it enough, we decided that the image looks best without any additional manipulation.

In general, they do not require him. In films such as “Pacific Rim”, it is difficult not to admire the clarity of details and rich textures colors. Each circuit is depicted by exactly, but it looks quite natural. Fight scenes in the dark recesses exhibit high contrast and impressive elaboration dimly lit objects. Bright colors are very energetic, but not dazzling; They are characterized by convincing subtlety of shades.

Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

  1. Homework

Once connected to your home network, you can stream music in high definition via Ethernet-connector Oppo.

  1. Two of the casket

Two HDMI-output enable signals fed separately to the screen and the receiver, which will ensure the highest quality.

  1. Back to the Future

In addition to the unbalanced and balanced XLR here offer multi audio output for connection to the old receiver is not equipped with HDMI-input or unsupported signal from SACD or DVD-Audio.

  1. Select the desired frequency

Optical and coaxial digital inputs accept only streams with sample rates up to 96 kHz; if you want to listen to the files with a frequency of 192 kHz, apply them to the USB-port.

All aspects of image quality – from the processing of traffic to natural colors and low noise – here are excellent; This player is more perfect than even such a magnificent machine as Marantz UD7007. In fairness, both of these models are now sold in about half the price Oppo, 105D and so should be better to justify the high price – and he does.

DVD picture quality is no less impressive. Of course, the low resolution makes its own adjustments so that the display noise and motion artifacts, some are unavoidable. However, the film “Stoker” delighted us natural color and stunning detail dressing. Shaded objects, leaf color, flesh tones are exceptionally good.

Higher speed

Appendix «MediaControl» for iOS and Android works fine; it is the most convenient way to manage streaming over the network. He has the layout of the remote control and touchpad – the first one is faster and more convenient in the case.

Playing tracks in movies are not inferior in quality to the image. Strong, full-bodied sound very clean and subtlety that vote; explosions and other loud sounds shocking conviction and power. Detail extremely high, the sound remains coherent even in the most intense episodes. In this respect, Oppo also avoids competition with premium, creating a more interesting and exciting sound. This advantage is further strengthened during the transition to play music in stereo. All we listened, – Where the Green Grass Grows Eric Bibb on SACD, CD Carmina Burana concert or Missy Elliott format DVD-A – was executed consistently excellent. Sound inherent in a full-blooded character with a rich and powerful bass. Voice expressive and legible, the top shine and shine; they apply equally sharpness and finesse.

Rerview Blu-ray-player Oppo BDP-105D: quality, worthy of the price

However, no matter how pleasant was the sound Oppo, he nedotyagivaet to higher standards of specialized music players; it lacks a bit of mobility and rhythmic drive. He played music sounds relaxed and calming, even if the author did not mean it. On the quality of playback BDP-105D can be compared with good players – such as the Marantz CD6005 – that is definitely higher than any direct competitor. Even the headphone output from Oppo is quite good; character it is close to the standard line output.

The same can be said about the built-in DAC with a signal from the MacBook or streaming files over the network. To the music of any genre Oppo suitable meticulously and convincingly. May sound a little bit lacking in inspiration, but not so much as to impair the enjoyment of listening.

If we consider the BDP-105D solely as a device to play Blu-ray-discs and DVD, the price seems too high. But if you are looking for an exceptionally talented player that is compatible with virtually any recording movies and music to a high standard, it is quite another thing; in which case the Oppo – exactly what you need.

Price: $ 1,800

Rating: 5

PROS: Excellent picture; great sound – stereo and multi-channel; a variety of formats; Design and finishing

CONS: Not the most informative display

VERDICT: If you are looking for players for all types of movies and music

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