Best Smartphone for pictures with blurred background

The new trend in mobile cameras – this blur background. More and more vendors build into their fotoprilozheniya this feature, and some, in addition to soft-lotions, go and technical improvements . Even Google has decided to keep up and released his camera in Google Play, one of the features which have become blurred. There is a logical question: “Who in this case is the coolest?”

Wondered the same question some of our colleagues. For example, the guys from Pocket-lint decided to compare the ability to defocus the background flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S5, HTS One M8, Sony Xperia Z2 and camera device with Google so that capable SLR camera Canon EOS 600D c 50mm f/1.8 lens. But, in fact, a photograph taken with the help of the latter.

Of course, the effect is implemented on smartphones, can hardly compete with professional optics. But mobile is always at hand, and yet it allows you to choose to focus after the shooting. Nevertheless, the picture is not so much a reflex compared with the rest of the photos as is the “starting point.”

Sony Xperia Z2

The new flagship of the Japanese blur mode to choose in advance of the picture. Instead, the user can choose between round, horizontal and vertical focusing effect, and set the amount of blur.

But in this particular case, Xperia, to put it mildly, did not manage, mix foreground and background on some of its Japanese logic. Perhaps another stage unit would have coped better, but we have what we have.

Samsung Galaxy S5

In Galaxy S5 also need to select the blur in advance the benefit such a switch is not hidden deep in the settings and is available on the screen. After the snapshot available to choose from near focus, far focus and Pan Focus, which, in essence, is the original picture.

New “Galaxy”, as you can see, handled is not ideal. Girl, located at the idea of ​​the background remains in focus with a glass. Smartphone “blurry” her nose only, that, in fact, may cause a quarrel.

HTC One M8

In HTC One M8 specifically added a second camera, to assess the depth of the image, allowing the smartphone to better determine where the photograph was the plan and, therefore, it is better to apply the blur effect.

And compared to previous frames, indeed, turned out bad. However, you can see that the edges fuzzy glasses and showcase partially remained in focus. Say, are not “wow”, especially for the device with two cameras focused on such images.

Google Camera

With the release of Google Google Play camera no longer have to run to the store for the new flagship to make fashionable photos. The application can be installed on any device that runs on Android KitKat.

When photographing, the application will ask you to move a little to the side of the unit to assess the depth of the image, by analogy with the smartphone from HTC, and then prompts you to select the focus point and the intensity of the blur.

As you see, the drain chamber Nexus’a came “very personal.” This is especially noticeable when you take into account that the application was started for all the same Sony Xperia Z2. The difference, they say, on the face. But there is a minus – the image is saved with a resolution of 1024×768.

An alternative approach

But let’s say you do not trust the tests conducted Pocket-lint. For this case, we will acquaint you with the results of “blind tests” conducted on AndroidCentral.

Four smartphone – four photos. Not looking forward, arrange them from worst to best, and share your opinion in the comments!

So, the first picture belongs to LG G Pro 2, the second – Samsung Galaxy S5, third – HTC One M8, and the fourth – Nexus 5. Other words, 49% of voters preferred the Nexus’u and its Google-camera.

And for you “blur” – an important function in the cell smartphone? Which Smartphone do you have coped better than anyone?

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