Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Today we look at the older model – business tablet DELL Venue 8.

Completion is quite simple – USB-cable and charger unit with a current of 2A. It is assumed that the rest of the user acquiring the accessories themselves.

Eight-inch tablet made in strict design. Rounded corners, practical matte plastic and minimalism – typical couple DELL Venue 8. The front panel is the camera lens and the sensor light level.

On the right side under the flap is a slot for memory cards microSD. There also should be a place for the microSIM slot, but in our model, it is sealed.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

On the left side of the manufacturer has placed the volume control buttons and the microUSB-socket. Due to the specific invoice they are very easy to find by touch. The course is short and clear.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

At the bottom is a multimedia speaker and 3.5 mm jack, microphone and power button / lock found refuge on top.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

This location of the power button is quite convenient to use the tablet in any orientation, such as different popular Apple iPad.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

The build quality DELL Venue 8 claims no objections. You can hear the creaking of the characteristic only when strongly squeeze the sides of the plate. In his hand is a good tablet, side frames contribute to a comfortable enough.


Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

DELL Venue 8 is equipped with a high-quality IPS-matrix, which has good color, saturation is sufficient and the average margin of brightness. The screen itself is covered with protective glass. There is an automatic change of brightness with the smooth running of adjustment. The sun fades a bit matrix, but retains readability.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Fingerprints screen DELL Venue 8 collects confident that can be clearly seen in some photos, but they are easily removed and do not interfere with work.


Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Both cameras show the average image quality and will fit as a fallback if the hand was not a smartphone or camera. Detail of the image will not shine, noticeable noise.

Hardware Platform

DELL Venue 8 has a fairly productive filling, and given that the screen has a resolution of HD-like iron enough for any task. Processor Intel Atom Z2580 – 2013 model, clocked at 2 GHz and boasts a pair of cores with four threads thanks to technology Hyper-Threading. Tehprotses – 32 nm, which gives a good energy efficiency.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

DELL Venue 8 is equipped with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of permanent, there is support for memory cards microSD. Thus, we have a productive solution with a small margin for the future. The results of benchmarks and system information can be found below:

Software Platform

The tablet is running Android 4.2.2 without additional add-ons. Is it good or not – it’s user. The speed of the system, smooth turning pages and desktops, as well as work to multitask leave purely pleasant experience.

Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

About updating the OS version information is not present, but it is necessary to understand that this is the solution for the masses and the corporate segment, for which the latest version of Android is not critical. At present it is difficult to recall at least one claimed an application that would not work on 4.2.2.


DELL Venue 8 is equipped with a single speaker. The sound quality is quite high, at maximum volume no wheezing, no distortion. Of particular interest is the placement – the speaker is not in the center, and a little bit biased. Due to this, when you use the tablet in landscape orientation hands sound source do not overlap. The sound quality of the headphones is quite typical. Stock volume is sufficient for listening to songs in the room, but clearly not enough for a noisy places.


Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

DELL Venue 8 is equipped with a battery capacity of 4100 mAh, which allows you to get an average of 4-6 hours of screen. This indicator can be slightly increased by turning off wireless connections or decrease the brightness. Using the tablet as pridivannoe device can count on three days of activity. For those who are more critical autonomy, but less important diagonal display, you can look at the DELL Venue 7 – junior model in the lineup. When a similar stuffing, it can offer the same capacity battery, that will give smaller diagonal screen a couple of hours.


Overview of the tablet DELL Venue 8

Will it have the DELL create a good tablet running Android? Definitely yes. Among the problem areas is worth mentioning only the image quality of the camera and not the best autonomy. Of the advantages of DELL Venue 8 offers sufficient performance stuffing and rigorous design, which will be enjoyed by business users. Other consumers should please Mighty screen, speaker placement and democratic price tag.

Pros DELL Venue 8:

  • quality assembly
  • IPS-matrix
  • performance
  • layout and ergonomics of the controls
  • nice, simple design
  • cost

Cons DELL Venue 8:

  • mediocre camera
  • autonomy
  • relatively old version of Android

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