The new “eggs” KEF – beauty and sound. Overview of multi-channel speaker set KEF E305

At the time, the company KEF nagged at us for what we irreverently called her tiny satellites, “eggs”, but the exit is set E305 nickname became almost official. It seems it is time to come up with something new – however, postpone it until better times, and now it is time to change this system, the heat in our test labs.

Release E305 we waited a long time. Its predecessor, KHT3005, appeared already in 2006, it is not surprising that the current version is technologically superior to the old head on.

The main novelty for fans of KEF – is a completely new speaker Uni-Q, developed on the basis of what is used in other than bookshelf speakers Q300. The company lists as many as eight important functions of the radiator, coupled with the new crossover and the case of satellites, contributing to reduce diffraction, and vibration dampening system that is based on the one used in the model Blade for $ 37,000, all it promises even more pleasant and high-quality sound .

In addition, it should be noted minor stylistic changes that lead to the tiny speakers look more modern. The rotating base with a notch on the bottom makes it easy to connect and even post them on the wall.

New subwoofer

But the biggest difference from KHT3005 – this is the subwoofer. Former rounded design evolution has been developed to fully closed compact dome-shaped housing with a radiating down the 18-centimeter speaker. The task was to make the KEF subwoofer acoustically invisible in the sound field, but it requires configuration of the system.

At first KEF recommends levels set to 0 dB crossover – 90 Hz, and the size of the AS specified as “small.” Of course, if these settings, the system will work as well, but we recommend that you carry out auto-calibration using the AV-receiver, and then if necessary to manually set the speaker size and crossover frequency.

Over the location of the subwoofer will have to think a little. Below is a three position switch – “low”, “smooth”, “high» (cut, flat, boost). To “low” and setting the subwoofer close to a wall, we ensure maximum integration of LF, however, all the rooms are different and you should try all possible options.

Stunning integration

It is necessary to find the correct configuration, and you will find that the bass – one of the strengths of the set of E305. Following the strategy of KEF, subwoofer bass dissipates around the sound field, and so thoroughly mixes them into the overall sound space, it is impossible to tell where the finishing touches satellites and comes into it. This is facilitated not only the perfect balance of all the components, but also the mobility and tonal variation of the subwoofer.

The company seems to KEF learned the lesson of her system, B & W MT-50. Live Concert 360 º At The Rose Bowl U2’s shows rhythmic and tonal accuracy of the bass, but not boomy Buhanov somewhere in the lower register, as is the case with the less talented systems. Deep bass system gives the strongest competitors, causing explosions seem not so deafening, but the consistency and mobility quite compensate for this defect.

Speaking of integration: the satellites create a totally homogeneous, completely surrounds the listener sound space. In the scene in the collector from the movie “Spider-Man” running water floods all corners of the room, and when the web of Spider-Man begins to vibrate in time to the music of hundreds of small lizards, the corresponding physical sensations come from all sides.

Hidden terminals can connect the cables neatly

The key to success – not in the precise placement of effects, but the ability of satellites to subtract themselves from the generated sound, so you can fully immerse yourself in movies. The result is gorgeous, with the individual effects are quite good, and the voices are clear and meaningful – you just have time to immerse yourself in the sound until you start to recognize some of its elements.

Spacious sound field

Comparisons with brilliant B & W MT-50 can not be avoided, but the approaches of these seemingly similar systems are quite different. Vigor and precision B & W emphasize some restraint kit KEF, because of which the scene of fights seem a little less powerful and exciting, for example, in the scene of the attack Raptor E305 create a smaller sense of threat.

On the other hand, the sound field at the E305 is much broader and more encompassing, the sound is much more successful, takes the viewer into the sewers of New York City – you always wanted to go there?

Another plus in the treasury KEF – amazing complaisance in the selection of partners. Perhaps a little lacking in HF shine, but because of the lack of excessive brightness of these speakers will sound great with almost any components in virtually any room. About B & W say this is impossible: it is necessary to show a little less attention – and their sound will be brighter than they should.

It is better to listen to loud

In fact, we have only one complaint about the E305: that they play as expected, the volume is high enough. It should be slightly reduced level as a dynamic and energetic sound noticeably reduced; long time listening to music at high volume, not so fun. Not that she trembled from the glass, but if you want to watch a movie, listen to music or play a game without waking a sleeping baby while you will be a bit lacking in richness of sound.

For some owners it will be a big problem, others not at all upset, someone will like it more detailed and energetic sound of B & W MT-50, but there is no doubt that a set of KEF E305 find many admirers. In terms of volume, smoothness and expressiveness has no competitors: it is easy to find with any language system and is suitable for every room. And when you consider that the price of almost $ 1,000 less than the model B & W, is such a temptation difficult to resist.

Price: $ 1,450

Rating: 5

PROS: Excellent integration of the subwoofer, uniform sound field; flexibility in the selection of the system

CONS: The Force attacks yield to the leaders, inexpressive work at low volume

VERDICT: Amazingly versatile system with surround sound at an affordable price

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