Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition: life in the rhythm of the music

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

It is no secret that Hp pavilion reviews often equip their laptops known acoustics Beats Audio, through which music lovers can fully appreciate the high-quality sound. In Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr presence of this audio has become a bit pathetic. This imitation in the colors, and the presence of the logo «b» is not only one of the keys, but also in most of the surface of the touch pad. I wonder what other surprises prepared Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition for users?

Design – Hp pavilion reviews

The exterior of this laptop Hp pavilion reviews is too remarkable to pass unnoticed. It black and ash gray color perfectly complemented by juicy red. Usually, this “battle” Coloring common among gaming laptops, but there it coexists with the “aggressive” housing, which often can be seen chopped edges, etc.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

However, with the Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition at all, as they say, is another story. The selected colors emblematic of the famous audio Beats Audio. And here is involved not only the color but also the continued corporate logo «b», which, as already mentioned, is almost the entire surface of the touchpad, which is quite interesting and ingenious solution. By the way, the traditional logo of the company Hp pavilion reviews acquired in this case a bright red coloring, so that immediately draws attention to the cover. In tone and labeling of keys made, however, the red characters on a black background may not be seen as clearly as if they were white.

Bottom of the notebook is made usual. In addition to the support legs, placed on the perimeter, you can see the battery compartment, a special lock that is used to eject a few vents, as well as the subwoofer.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

With regard to the materials used, everything is made of plastic, unfortunately, not enough quality. Nevertheless, the special claims to the body is not, because panel almost do not bend during operation do not hear any creaking. If we talk about the size, the 384h260h25 mm – is the most common indicators. But the weight of 2.6 kg could be a little less.

Display, audio, web camera – Hp pavilion 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

The screen can be considered one of the advantages of this notebook. It has a diagonal size of 15.6 inches and a Full HD-resolution (1920×1080 pixels). Additionally, touch screen, and thus the functionality is increased significantly. In particular, with multitouch support will scale images, and scroll through, for example, photos and other files. The only thing to get used to the glossy surface, or rather, to reflections that are sure to appear in natural light on a sunny day. Just note that the color of the display is not transmitted very well, especially notice those who are accustomed to better quality matrices.

Webcam in the laptop Hp pavilion reviews leaves a lot to be desired, because of its 0.3 MP resolution is quite low, so we could obtain normal pictures. At the same time to talk to Skype it will be enough.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

The acoustics of this laptop Hp pavilion reviews is not a secret that there Beats Audio can be found already from the design of the device and the presence of a familiar logo on the working surface of the Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr. So, the sound is coming through the two stereo speakers located above the keyboard. To enhance the bass subwoofer is further provided. Nevertheless, one can not say that the sound will exceed all your expectations. Yes, indeed, the sound is crisp and without distortion, tapped high, medium and low frequencies, ie, This technology actually improves the quality of the reproduced content. At the same time, he is not particularly emphasized, is that to estimate the true audio help connected to the laptop headphones or external speakers.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

By the way, Beats Audio feature can be disabled by a combination [Fn] and [b]. However, most users will like the sound, the more that the manufacturer has arranged a number of special applications to help you create your own music (Music Maker Jam) or try yourself as a DJ. But with the help of HP Connected Music can always enjoy the music of favorite radio stations.

Keyboard and Touchpad – Hp pavilion 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special EditionHp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

The keypad is in this laptop provides not only basic buttons, but nampad. Keys are located on the island principle, size is reduced only in two “arrows.” With regard to labeling, the red on black looks interesting, although it is not as clear when compared with white. In general, use the keyboard very convenient, because buttons have a middle course and pressed with a good response.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

The touchpad in Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr has good sensitivity, but it is not the size of the largest. With it, you can perform scrolling, zoom in or out images and more simple activities that occur not only two, but one finger movement, touch, etc.. Since the laptop is running on Windows 8.1, it will be available to a number of useful gestures. For example, if you hold the left edge of the touchpad to the center, you can switch between applications, but the movement of the right side panel will bring a miracle buttons.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Performance – Hp pavilion 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

At the Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr (G7W81EA) preinstalled 64-bit operating system Windows 8.1. The notebook is powered by an AMD A8-5545M, built on the architecture of Richland. He is a low-voltage, has four cores with a frequency of 1.7 GHz (up to 2.7 GHz) and second-level cache of 4MB. Unfortunately, the power consumption to 19 watts – it’s not a good indicator for the ULV-processor. As for performance, it should be enough for most contemporary problems, but, of course, not too complex, for example, surf the web.

In the APU also includes built-in graphics card AMD Radeon HD 8510G, which is a good idea to cope with the graphics processing, decoding various video formats. Integrated accelerator has 384 shader cores, they are, in particular, can be used for computing the overall plan. Games for this video card is weak, however, you can always play undemanding and the most modern toys.

The laptop Hp pavilion reviews is quite a large amount of memory – 8 GB standard DDR3-1333 MHz, with all of the available capacity is in the same slot. That’s enough to ensure the smooth operation of various running programs. By the way, in prosperity and hard disk space, namely, 1 TB. This bulk storage will save a lot of files, including multimedia. The speed of the hard drive is standard – 5400 rpm.

Ports and Communications – Hp pavilion 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

The main part of the interfaces Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr occupies the left face. It can be seen two ports USB 3.0, Network RJ-45 connector, HDMI, and charging jack and a card reader, a readable format SD / MMC / MS / Pro / xD. Also there is a vent hole, through which the warm air exits.

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Another USB is on the right side. He has less than the current standard 2.0. In addition, the optical drive is located on the right DVD ± RW with support for DL, a combined audio jack for microphone and headphone jacks, and a Kensington lock slot. Close to the front edge of the visible two LEDs (Power laptop and work drive).

Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Wireless communication is carried out with the help of Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n and Bluetooth 4.0.

Battery – Hp pavilion 15-p003sr Beats Special Edition

Laptop Hp pavilion reviews equipped with a 4-cell lithium-ion battery capacity of 2700 mAh (41 Wh). The battery is removable, which means that problems with the replacement will not be. Is that such a capacity, it can not provide the device long enough autonomy. To charge the battery using a 45-watt power supply.

Conclusion – Hp pavilion reviews

This laptop Hp pavilion reviews is in their own interest, in particular because of the stylish design and the presence of the well-known audio technology Beats Audio. However, in general Hp pavilion reviews 15-p003sr not leader of, and typical average having, nevertheless, good functionality having quite a good filling, which includes a processor and a graphics card from AMD, as well as ergonomic input device and the touch screen Full HD. The cost of this laptop is around $ 700 and, rather, part of the price – brand Beats, for which will have to overpay.

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