Samsung has combined units Mobile Communications and Digital Imaging

In the list of components, which in recent years have increasingly pay attention to people who look for a new smartphone and camera are battery. Realizing the importance of such criteria as quality images, Samsung has decided to unify the division Mobile Communications and Digital Imaging into one.

At the moment, the effects of this merger is difficult to predict, but it once again confirms the interest of South Korean giant in hybrid devices – such as Galaxy S4 Zoom. In Samsung believe that this decision will lead to closer cooperation between internal teams and provide the company with leading positions in the market.

The report ET News said that the main purpose of the restructuring is “the union of technical know-how of the two units to create a stand out against other products.”

It is worth noting that recently Samsung often thinks about improving the quality of images and camera capabilities. Just think of the development of a new mobile camera resolution of 20 megapixels and technology ISOCELL .

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