Crowdsourcing will save the maps Apple

In an effort to make its mapping service if not better than the competition, but at least better than they look now, Apple acquired Locationary. Last develops geolocation solutions, operating on the basis of crowdsourcing.

Purchase information in an interview with AllThingsD has confirmed Apple spokesman Steve Dowling. From the Canadian company said Apple will get technology and employees. As for the amount of the transaction, it has remained a mystery.

Locationary technology is described as a sort of “Wikipedia” for local businesses where information about places administered by its users. Apple expects that this decision will update constantly changing data on locations, just as quickly make changes to the articles online encyclopedia. Currently, information about companies Apple is in service Yelp .

Locationary will refresh all of this information through data sharing platform Saturn, which is committed to quickly remove outdated information. It is expected that this will provide Apple an advantage over the search giant Google , which often show the card obsolete data.

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