Overview of set-top boxes Chromecast to broadcast video from iPhone, Android and PC [Video]

This week, Google unveiled its exciting new product – a mini-top box Chromecast to broadcast video and audio content to mobile devices running iOS , Android, and PC on the TV screen. Externally Chromecast similar to the usual “stick”, but has no USB-connector and HDMI-connector for connecting to a TV. Built-in Wi-Fi module is responsible for receiving the signal from the other gadgets and the Internet over a wireless connection.


Chromecast allows you to view multimedia content on a big screen TV and supports such popular services like YouTube, Netflix, as well as music and movies from the store Google Play. In addition, you can transfer images on TV Chrome browser window with the Mac and PC. After starting the broadcast by Chromecast, the user can run on a mobile device or PC or any other application program. Also available for remote management features flat-panel, for example, the volume level.

Observers MacMixing prepared a detailed overview Chromecast. In the video you can see how easy to broadcast videos from YouTube on TV with a new receiver Google. Of course, if you have a proprietary set-top box Apple TV, Chromecast opportunities do not seem to have something revolutionary.

It is worth adding that the prefix Google, as well as the third-generation Apple TV, supports resolutions up to 1080p. Novelty can be used with mobile devices that operate on the basis of Android 2.3 and above, as well as iOS 6 and above. When working with computers require Windows 7/8 or Mac OS X 10.7 and above.

Chromecast sales have already begun. The cost of the device in the U.S. is $ 35.

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