Media: Apple seriously ponders the iPhone 5-inch and 13-inch iPad

The proximity of the announcement of the new iPad and other new products Apple – this is not a reason to throw a crystal ball in a dusty corner. Publication of Korea IT News A discussion of the dimension of the displays of smartphones and tablets Apple, which will replace the iPhone and iPad next year. According to informed sources, the company reportedly is considering as a primary screen for the new iPhone 5 inches in size. This diagonal is claimed to be the favorite in Cupertino.

In September, we recall, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal also reported that Apple has tested smart phones with larger screens, the size of which, presumably, are 4,8-6 inches. The most promising sized corporations, according to the publication, say about 5 inches.

In this case, the sources do not rule out the iPhone with a 6-inch screen. In this case, the new product will be one of the largest smartphones on the market. In its main competitor, the device Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the screen size is 5.7 inches, and thus it belongs to the class of so-called “planshetofonov.” Although, if Apple really succumb to the temptation to take part in the “acceleration” screen smartphone, then it will make it fairly conservatively, judging by the iPhone 5.

Do not let up, and analysts at the large iPad. Recalling all the same sources in Cupertino, Korea IT News claims that Apple is seriously considering the possibility of release tablet with 12.9-inch screen, to meet consumer demand for devices with larger screens. Currently, the Cupertino giant test prototypes of the tablet.

It is known that these pilot studies Apple conducts regularly for the entire product line, exploring the market preferences and perspectives of various technological innovations. However, the iPhone and iPad with larger displays necessarily get to consumers in 2014, according to Korean life.

Apple is pushing a proposal to expand the competition in the mobile market. A key rival company, the South Korean Samsung Electronics, ahead of the American manufacturer in the fight for a share in the smartphone segment due to the wide range of gadgets of different sizes in different price ranges, they say in Korea IT News.

Other interesting theses in the report relate to the publication of 9.7-inch and 7.9-inch models of iPad. Apple allegedly distribute its line of tablets on conventional and affordable, by analogy with the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. It is also argued that the American manufacturer will use their electronic devices, displays, made on technology OLED. One of the first products will be wearable computer in the format of an electronic clock iWatch.

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