Google would be working on a TV Box?

After presenting Chromecast during the last event of the San Francisco Mountain View giant could get closer to the world of creating a special TV Box TV, to bring advanced features in the most modern TVs. Unfortunately, the Google TV does not manage to convince the customers and so did the flop Nexus Q, so Biggie wanted to devise Chromecast for streaming content, and may also be working on a TV Box for the foreseeable future, at least according to the latest rumors .

Chromecast is very successful, sold-out since the early days of marketing in the U.S., but not the only project for Google TV. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal, during the last CES in Las Vegas, Andy Rubin would show to a restricted circle of users of a first prototype made ​​by Google TV Box.

The latter, equipped with the Android operating system, be able to transform your TV into a Google TV with many applications and many advanced functions thanks to the sensors of which is equipped.

Unfortunately over these rumors only other details we have not confirmed it. It could be a real device that Google will be able to turn our TV into a Google TV, the ones that have not been able to have great success in the market, given the competition and the low amount of applications.

This should not happen with the Google TV Box but it will certainly be an interesting project. We just have to find out if the project actually exists.

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