Google develops rival Apple TV

It seems, Google may well outstrip Apple with the release of “advanced” set-top box. Today Received The Verge got exclusive documents showing the development of the major engines of the new television project. As you’ve probably guessed, his codename – Android TV.

According to the publication, in appearance console from Google is a lot like Apple TV and is a kind of accessory to the TV, rather than a fully autonomous device. The main task of Android TV – providing access to a variety of content “one click”, including videos and even games.

In addition, Android TV will support voice input, various notifications and even game controllers. It is reported that Google is in talks with key developers to create games and applications for their consoles. Most likely, Pandora, Hulu and other similar services certainly would be interested in a new device.

In the box with the prefix buyers will also find a special remote control capabilities for Android TV.

Google is slowly beginning to develop television market and will do everything in order to compete with Apple. Last year, the search engine has released a small accessory Chromecast to broadcast video from smartphones and tablets to TVs – a worthy rival technology AirPlay .

Google is not the only one who wants to oust the market Apple TV. Last week, Amazon introduced its own console called Fire TV with the same features.

If all these rumors are true, Apple is urgently needed to produce a new generation of Apple TV . Otherwise, it risks losing significant market share.

Apparently, this year in fact, be the “year of TV.”

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