Docking Station for Apple Watch popular

Docking Station for Apple Watch popular

Docking Station for Apple Watch popular

Docking Station for Apple Watch & iPhone, appeared on the platform IndieGoGo, gathered the necessary amount of less than 1 day. Manufacturer dock already managed to get $ 101.520 from $ 30,000, provided that the fund-raising campaign will continue for another 27 days.

Dock combines Charger for Apple Watch, iPhone and LED lamp brightness which can be reduced or, on the contrary, increase. Comes with a portable battery that will charge any device by 75%, as well as cable with microUSB connector for charging devices.

The portable battery that looks like a keychain can be traced to a mobile application. And vice versa: if you suddenly lost Apple Watch or iPhone, you can find them with the help of the battery, which, in addition to everything else, can remotely control the shutter of the camera on a smartphone.

Docking Station for Apple Watch popular

Hard anodized aluminum body and sturdy polycarbonate shell decorated with soft-touch rubber. In the product description states that you can easily install gadgets on the dock, whose slip rubber base will allow it firmly device based on the station.

Such useful in every sense of the thing can be ordered on the platform IndieGoGo for $ 249. Those who do will be able to purchase in June.

Source: SlashGear

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