Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Three years ago, releasing the camera X10, Fujifilm company sets a high bar for the class of compact sets. After a couple of years, with the release of the model Fujifilm X20 Japanese engineers have managed to surpass its success, improving the display and speed than earned the respect of even the skeptics. But progress does not stand still, and before us the third generation series cameras X – model Fujifilm X30 review, which was able to incorporate all the best from their predecessors and are ready to demonstrate new technical solutions that we have not seen before.

Camera Description – Fujifilm X30 review

If we draw an analogy between the camera and the man is in the role of the brain acts Fujifilm X30 review image processor EXR II, as well as the eyes – 2/3-inch sensors X-Trans CMOS II, in a design that does not have an optical low-pass filter, which should be beneficial to issued sharpness of the image. The array of pixels is different from the traditional Bayer, which allows not afraid moire pattern. Maximum output image resolution is 4000×3000 pixel aspect ratio of 4: 3. Also among the available frame formats appear 3: 2, 16: 9 and 1: 1. Shooting can be done in RAW and JPEG.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Undoubtedly, the main muscle of the camera Fujifilm X30 review, putting on the blades of the competitors in the class, is the luxurious facilities. Focal length range 28-112 mm (35mm equivalent) gives a sense of the broadest freedom of creativity and makes it easy to solve most of the problems posed technique Fascinated amateur photographer. Maximum aperture f2,0-2,8 allow to film, even in low light conditions without the need for an increase in ISO, and as a result, with less noise in the final image.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

A distinctive feature of novelty is surpasses digital viewfinder with a resolution of 2.36 million. Points which, without exaggeration, be called the best among compact cameras, because according to the manufacturer image lag in it is only 0.005 seconds.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

For a more comfortable shooting the camera is equipped with 3-inch swivel LCD screen, which certainly will appeal to all those who are not indifferent to the macro shooting or often declines outstretched arms holding up the camera above your head.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

The camera Fujifilm X30 review used a variety of technologies to increase energy efficiency, but despite this pro battery developers also have not forgotten and will increase its capacity by 1.8 times compared to previous cameras Fujifilm, which allowed to make up to 470 photos on a single charge (as measured by technology CIPA).

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Travel lovers will appreciate the opportunity to charge the battery in the camera via USB-cable. Now you can save precious space in your luggage, you simply take a microUSB cable and a power source, a role which, for example, can be a laptop.

Housing and Design – Fujifilm X30 review

Like many technical features, appearance Fujifilm X30 review also refers to a feature of all X series compact cameras. Still here favorite with many activation mechanism. Turning the zoom ring, you not only choose the focal length for shooting, but also turn the camera. In my opinion, this is a great find, which saves precious seconds before starting work. It will be especially true during the filming of scenes dynamic and fast moving objects.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

By turning the lens off the camera, he develops and compact Fujifilm X30 review is even smaller. Overall dimensions – 119x72x60 mm and weighs 383 grams (without battery).

On top of the camera is the mode Fujifilm X30 review dial to the shooting, who scored nearly as many as 12. In addition to the traditional M, A, S and P (full manual, aperture priority, shutter priority and program), there was a place for intelligent scene selection mode, fully automatic, ” creative “, multiple exposure, and two programmable panoramic shooting mode. About them we’ll talk more about later.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Also, the top panel Fujifilm X30 review has a shutter release button, start button and the video discs Introduction compensation, which can shift to +/- 3 EV in 1/3 stop increments, which stage is wider than its predecessor Fujifilm X20. For external flash or accessories has a “hot shoe”. The camera has a built-in flash, which is hidden in the body, and in the case of very very dark scenes, like a superhero, deftly jump out and come to the rescue.

Most of the rear panel covers the screen. It is equipped with a sloping design, and you can use it to film, for example, at a concert, raising the camera at arm’s length and watching everything that happens on the screen. With a resolution of 920,000 pixels in it is well suited not only to frame mode Live View, but for viewing photos or video in all its glory.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Next to adjust the zoom ring is another disk management functionality which can be set independently. It can be used for manual focus, and can be, for example, assign the parameter change sensitivity or other function. To access the menu, reconfiguring the disk you have to press the button located on the front side of the camera. Proceedings of the ring is very smooth, but there is no fixation of progress, which is why at the time of shooting is very easy to “twist” the desired value, thereby losing precious seconds.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Not spared updates craze developers to build in camera communication module Wi-Fi, so that when you travel on a journey there is no need to bring a computer. Now for the publication of photos in social networks need only a smartphone or tablet that is running FUJIFILM Camera Remote. It’s free, and it can be used not only to save already made on camera pictures, but also to change the parameters of the shooting, press the shutter remotely. The only thing that remains unclear is the lack of built-in GPS, because its price is already quite low, and increasingly competing companies equip their cameras this function. Part of the problem can be solved geoteginga using Fujifilm X30 review Camera Remote, installed on your smartphone. But more on that below …

Conclusions – Fujifilm X30 review

The new representative series cameras Fujifilm X turned out at a really interesting. Continuing the idea of ​​a notebook of the photographer, the camera added in technical terms and, in my opinion, has absorbed the best that is in compact cameras on the market today. And in some ways it was altogether above all fellow guild.

Camera new Fujifilm X30 review 

Great performance and no delays when using the camera has a positive effect on the experience when working with the Fujifilm X30 review, which are obtained from a pleasure. It’s nice that it has managed to fit everything in such a compact body with a low weight. The only thing you can complain about – is to control disc located at the base of the lens. He copes well with manual focus, but if you decide to switch to a change ISO or aperture, you will be disappointed by the frequent blunders, as set the value from the first time will not be easy – the disc has a non-discrete course.

As a result we got soundly camera in a stylish package suitable for virtually all shooting scenes. Adding to this luxurious viewfinder and excellent quality / price ratio, we can firmly state – the camera is good!

PROS – Fujifilm X30 review

  • excellent lens with a versatile focal range and large aperture;
  • high performance and speed;
  • clear and fast autofocus;
  • excellent viewfinder with high resolution;
  • stylish appearance;
  • build quality;
  • angled display;
  • a built-in Wi-Fi.

CONS – Fujifilm X30 review

  • no discrete control ring;
  • easy to press random buttons on the front panel;
  • lack of built-in GPS.

SUMMARY – Fujifilm X30 review

Fujifilm X30 review can be recommended as a camera for all those who do not want to carry a bulky DSLR, but wants to be able to take good pictures in any lighting conditions. Due to its small size and weight Fujifilm X30 review surely catch the fancy and more travelers, being able to take their rightful place in their backpack or carry-on baggage, and a stylish look and is more pleasing to the eye.

With multiple modes of imitation films do with this camera – a pleasure. Perhaps those who are just beginning to discover the world of photography, to deal with the diversity of settings and features in this camera will not be easy. On the other hand, experienced users will be represented by Fujifilm X30 review faithful companion for his photographic trips and travels.

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