Samsung wins at Pebble palm in the market of smart watches

Samsung wins at Pebble palm in the market of smart watches

Samsung wins at Pebble palm in the market of smart watches

While the attention of fans of Apple products is focused on the process of preparing the company to start selling Apple Watch, Samsung Corporation quietly becomes the market leader in intelligent hours. According to analyst firm Statista, the South Korean company has sold more than 1.2 million smart hours in 2014. A Pebble, previously considered a leader, able to sell only 700,000 of its devices.

There are now six models of Samsung smart watches, and because of this diversity, the corporation was able to get 18% market share.

In total, according to analysts, in 2014 it sold 6.8 million smart hours, although the definition of which is given by Statista smart watches, slightly blurred. According to analysts, the clock is smart “device that is worn on the wrist, with the indication of time and access to wireless Internet.” It is for this device was conducted monitoring, and that they had sold 6.8 million.

But if so, then the definition of fit and Fitbit Charge with Fitbit Surge, which has sold nearly 600,000.

As for devices on Android Wear, they were sold for just under a million. In just the last six months has sold 720,000 of these devices.

As you can see, the South Korean company is now really is the market leader. Nevertheless, if analysts’ forecasts are correct, and Apple could sell more than 20 million Apple Watch in 2015, the leader’s yellow jersey, no doubt, will leave in Cupertino. It is unlikely that Tim Cook and a team of highly experienced in this regard – leadership is likely to have in your pocket.

Source: ndtv

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