The review game of Asphalt 8: Airborne

Not much time has passed since we have announced the decision to Gameloft to make available to download (only € 0.89) a new chapter in one of the most popular sagas car ever made ​​for Android.

Here today, after trying to end the game, we offer you our review, to be taken as a personal point of view, but also as a further demonstration of how Gameloft has done things right. Yeah, because we liked the game, and not a little: there are still some aspects to be improved (some of which are not likely to ever reviewed by the French software house, such as in-app purchases), but the jump in quality than the seventh chapter there was, and it was huge.

Download time

First we have to mention the time required to download the game and the storage space is not really small that you have to install all free. As you can see from the picture below, the app weighs 1.53 GB, so we have to wait more than a little (The time varies depending on the connection) to start playing.


Maybe the gameplay is the thing that let us down: the main menu is not very intuitive, and at first sight leaves blown player, which on average still manages to acclimate. About the races, well, control of the car (via accelerometer) is it accurate, but not as much as we would like. We also want to give a negative opinion, because we are just at the beginning of the game, so we have low-end machines and handy.

Another thing are the stunts, spectacular and never monotonous, which give a touch more than in the previous chapter.


We could talk about without mentioning the majesty Asphalt 8 graphics? Of course not! It ‘been done a big job with the new graphic and ngine Gameloft, and it shows.

The game, in high quality (Smoothly on a Nexus 4) is monstrous. Texture quality has impressed us, but it is not remotely comparable to the amazing particle effects, which make our racing very realistic.

The rays of the sun hitting the windshield of our car, the lights that illuminate the streets of Tokyo, the headlights of the cars that we are meeting … In short, there is no denying it, the engineers of the French software house you are given a lot to do with this new game.


In conclusion, the title has surprised us: we know of the great ability of Gameloft to produce great games, but did not think it would come to this point. Of course, as mentioned earlier there are aspects of Asphalt 8 that there are a genius gone too, like the fact that to access new levels without having obtained a high score in the races unlocked before you have to pay a sum of money. Obviously access to all content is free, you just have to be patient (even too much after all).

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