Protect Apple Watch rubber bumper

Protect Apple Watch rubber bumper

Protect Apple Watch rubber bumper

Apple, finally spoke in detail about the Protect Apple Watch. Hours will be available in three collections. The most expensive of them is Apple Watch Edition, the starting price is $ 10,000.

And this is not the limit. Regardless of what type of collection you prefer, you can protect your watches with a special bumper. It is called Bumper Protect Apple Watch.

Created by the Italian company ActionProof, Bumper is specially designed for those who lead an active lifestyle. The bag is made of a rubber material, which, as it takes the brunt in case you accidentally drop your device.

The material also protects the device against UV radiation, ozone, extreme temperatures, as well as certain chemicals.

Protect Apple Watch rubber bumper

Bumper Protect Apple Watch has cutouts for buttons, speakers and microphone, it has a large hole in the back of the sensor. Wheel, with which you can control the clock menu is almost entirely covered with rubber coating.

It is not until the end, giving the user access to it. Bumper is designed for 3D-model of smart hours, so keep in mind that it is unlikely to sit perfectly on the device (no matter what the developers say).

Furthermore, it is only suitable for 42 mm – the pattern. The creators are looking for a cover support platform IndieGoGo, where they were 4 weeks is necessary to collect $ 10,000.

If you are thinking of buying a bumper of the first, it will cost you some $ 20. Retail price is $ 35 cover.

Source: Digitaltrends

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