Custom sneakers on the 3D-printer

Shoe manufacturers have long practiced the production of sneakers for a particular customer with the anthropometry of the foot concrete person, says Popular Science.

But this pleasure is not affordable to everyone, because the price tag of several thousand dollars can afford only professional athletes or crazed enthusiasts.

However, with the increasing popularity of 3D-printers, for the foreseeable future, manufacturers will be able to reduce the price of the service, and even the average buyer can get it done for a pair of sneakers for a few hundred dollars.

Already, some manufacturers are practicing print individual parts the 3D-printer. For example, Brooks Glycerin 11 (red sneakers) got virtually seamless 15-18 upper layer of the shoe.

The company also uses Nike printed on the printer spikes for your model Vapor Laser Talon (Green). A company New Balance, in turn, uses printed spikes for professional sprint spikes.

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