MAXFAS - exoskeleton technology, which teaches shoot

MAXFAS – exoskeleton technology, which teaches shoot

Today we have interesting news in the development of weapons technology, let’s look at the new exoskeleton technology. Soldiers quite quickly gain a basic shooting skills. But experts on this matter are one. Such training takes a very long time.

One of the main problems – hands starts shaking involuntarily, which adversely affects the accuracy. How can I fix the problem? Either classical methods or by using MAXFAS.

Efficiency in the exoskeleton technology

MAXFAS - exoskeleton technology, which teaches shoot

Under this acronym hides a new prototype exoskeleton technology for the military. The invention automatically “stabilizes” movement of the wearer, increasing the efficiency of the fire.

Full name of the initiative – Mobile Arm eXosceleton for Firearm Aim Stabilization. Develops system Research Center of the US Army soldier’s outfit.

How does the new product? On the shoulders and wrists arrow mounted servos, cables, as well as various sensors. Built-in computer records and dampens unwanted vibrations promotional tremor.

If you believe the engineers said can increase accuracy by 27% (on average). Simply put on the exoskeleton technology.

MAXFAS - exoskeleton technology, which teaches shoot

That’s great – the product is relatively easy. The creators are going to achieve weight 300 grams. At the core of carbon fiber. Another important detail: MAXFAS not prevent deliberate action does not confuse them with the accidental.

Alas, the introduction is too early to say. The new project exoskeleton technology is brought to mind. The date of “release” of information there.

Source: engadget

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