Ford engineers developed a “smart” box of a gear change

The latest invention Zach Nelson (Zach Nelson), junior engineer of Ford, can make life easier for novice motorists and avtolyubitelnitsam that the choice of the coveted “steel horse” rule out models with manual transmission for a simple reason: they do not know how to use a manual transmission and give automatic preference.

To help newcomers to solve the problem, Mr. Nelson has created a kind of simulator for the development of principles of management manual transmission. For this he needed a body gear levers, which he printed on the 3D-printer, the components of the Xbox 360 (to provide tactile feedback), Arduino controller and LED display.

The device is compatible with the platform OpenXC and to submit to the user the appropriate signal (vibration), which indicates the need to change gear, harnesses the power of the automatic diagnosis. The display, in turn, displays information about the position of the transmission, which is necessary to pass (reduced or increased).

Through the mini-USB port or Bluetooth wireless technology device can be connected to the Tablet PC running Android.

Zach Nelson Test the unit on such cars as the Ford Mustang and Focus ST.

Resource Wired notes that in order to maximize performance and to save on gasoline this device can also be used by more experienced drivers.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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