Overview of Network Receiver / CD-player TEAC NP-H750/CD-H750


TEAC company constantly delights us with their innovations and the year of its 60th anniversary, among other devices released a series of Reference. We tested two components: a network receiver NP-H750 and CD-player CD-H750.

They both have a pleasant design and is available in two colors – black and silver. On the CD player can not say very much: it works well in the role of transport, has a quality digital output, USB-port with support for Apple technology and conventional flash drives. Available also feature an 8-times oversampling. But the sound on its analog output is “digital” flavor – HF and dingy flat bass, so it is recommended to connect the CD-H750-quality external DAC – then the sound is much more legible. Thus, the price of the device, in our opinion, a little too high.

But the network receiver – the object to study much more interesting. This uses BurrBrown PCM1795 DAC chip and other components that go on the equipment rather more high-end devices. As a result – NP-H750 copes with the role of the DAC, and you can connect it to almost anything. The device supports Gadgets Apple, USB-flash, technology AirPlay (Wi-Fi setup can be obtained directly from the iPhone) and DLNA (Russian tags are not supported, there is no gapless-playback). Switching between inputs is instantaneous (“retarding” only connect by USB), and whichever you choose, the character of the sound remains the same.

Despite the modest 40 watts per channel, TEAC NP-H750 copes with small floor-standing – albeit it a place, for example, in the bedroom, not in the main listening room. Sound lacks the scale, although a good quality bass and treble. The latter, by the way, on some recordings tire – so that by the TEAC NP-H750 is better to choose not too bright speakers.

Another advantage of the Network Receiver – respect for detail compositions. There is also no sense of stiffness and skomkannosti, dynamic sound, wide stereo image with good depth. Album Toute la Musique Patricia Kaas NP-H750 performs emotionally expressive vocals beyond praise. Tracks from Deep Purple’s Burn unit also acts out with the rise and technically. Only sometimes a feeling of slight blurring details.

Price: $ 850 / $ 1,000

PROS: The network receiver has a high functionality, features high-quality amplifier and provides better sound than can be judged by its dimensions

CONS: CD-player is only interesting when you connect the digital output

VERDICT: A versatile set for the construction of a second system based on bookshelf or small floor standing speakers



  • Type: Network Stereo Receiver
  • Power: 2 × 40 W
  • Connectivity: Airplay, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB
  • Playing: MP3/WMA/WAV/OGG / Flac (24 bit/192 kHz)
  • Internet Radio: Yes
  • Inputs: MM-phono, line, optical, coaxial, 2 USB, Ethernet
  • Outputs: On the record, the subwoofer on headphones
  • Output at 1 AU
  • Dimensions (W x B × H × D): 29 × 11 × 34 cm
  • Weight: 5 kg


  • Type: CD-player
  • Format: CD-Audio, MP3, WMA
  • Outputs Analog RCA, optical, coaxial, Headphone
  • USB-Port: Yes
  • Dimensions (W × H × D): 29 × 11 × 32 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg

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