AIO Robotics Zeus – 3D-printer, 3D-scanner and fax in one device

ZEUS Now it is difficult to find a sector in which it is impossible to benefit from the technology of three-dimensional printing. It is used to model and create a variety of products, including firearms , but has not yet become available for most ordinary users. Company AIO Robotics is going to reverse the situation and preparing to release an interesting product – Zeus, which was named after the Greek god Zeus.

Novelty is a multifunction device which possibilities do not end with printing of 3D-objects. The device can scan, copy, print, and even faxed 3D-objects. According to the resource Quartz , the cost of new items at the same time will be much lower than the price of 3D-printer or scanner MakerBot Replicator MakerBot Digitizer. The cost of 3D-printer MakerBot Replicator ranges from $ 2,199 to $ 2,799, and the scanner is not yet on sale. At the same time, there is very little likelihood that the cost of the scanner MakerBot Digitizer fall below $ 2,000.

The manufacturer notes that Zeus device need not be connected to the laptop, as it is equipped with on-board computer. The user will receive four buttons: scan, print, copy and fax services. According to AIO Robotics, Zeus is much easier to manage than conventional printers.

It should be noted that the founders of a startup AIO Robotics is a graduate student at USC (University of Southern California). On the official website AIO Robotics reported that a fundraiser to launch mass production of Zeus through Kickstarter will start on September 4.

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