Printed on the 3D-printer gun Liberator received the status of a work of art

In London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, which is home to a large number of rare books from the world of art, replenishment. However, this time it is not rare picture and sculpture of the Renaissance, but only the world’s first gun printed on the 3D-printer, reports Engadget .

Museum managed to get just two prototype fire arm Liberator , which have been successfully printed on the 3D-printer, Cody Wilson, one of the founders of Defense Distributed, in May 2013.

Thus, the leadership of the Victoria and Albert Museum decided to present to the public in London is the original version of “The Liberator”, and do not go through the 100,000 other people who just downloaded the necessary drawings components and recreate an exact copy at home.

According to Cody Wilson, the original prototypes, “add a sense of authenticity.” One of the prototypes is so original that will debut during the London Design Festival exhibition in 2013 with a little deformed body, or rather its right side part.

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