Highscreen Boost II – long lasting fat man


I never thought of staff of the Chinese alliance Highscreen as suitable for the role of “basic” phone. No, it does not mean that they can not be established – it is just simply, the company has a very good device so that I can personally select models Spark and Alpha Ice , and Alexander Lyapota – Explosion . However, svezheanonsirovannogo Boost II, I think I can be called the best candidate for the role of “second tube”, this is also an important place in your pocket. Now, if you’re going to go anywhere on vacation, or you desperately need the presence of two more rooms to maintain a positive rhythm of life and workflow, it is this new living fit for this role at an opportune moment, she lives a very, very long time and by the right can challenge the most promising in this respect smartphones.

Generally, this is the first Android-based smartphone, equipped with “out of the box” battery of 6000 mAh, and moreover, they (the battery) there are two, there is one at 3000 mAh, which is physically smaller than the first at about the same 2-fold, and that its volume.

Unfortunately, unlike some Motorola, here the designers and engineers definitely did not fit the task was more milliampere-hours a smaller body, with the additional cap sits on it … bad. With her smart phone creaks almost constantly, as if you are not spinning in his hands and squeezed – and with the standard, “thin” cover such problems, all perfectly tailored and leaves the impression if not expensive, just a nice smartphone, hard and fine downed . Strange, but it as it is.

Under the hood is located two slots for microSIM-cards (only one of them can transmit data to the mobile 3G) and one – for memory cards microSD:


By the way, the “main” cap Boost II is very similar to the OPPO Find 5 – almost a similar size, whether it’s height, width, or thickness (140 x 68.6 x 9.8 mm) is almost identical to the metal casing that runs along the top of the ends of the housing; plastic “chin” and touch-sensitive keys, of which there are three (“Menu”, “Home” and “Back”).


However, at the beginning they are introduced into a stupor, because the side “Menu” and “Back” are no different to each other and look like two glowing circles – if it were not for the familiar “Samsung” layout, then I would be very confused for a long time in between . But the key functionality of “House” is somewhat extended and somewhat like the Meizu MX2, though, of course, has all of the huge range of possibilities, with which is endowed with a purebred Chinese, here is the only LED-indicator alerts the blue-blue.


Buttons, in addition to three nautical touch, there are four, and it’s a familiar twin “rocker” volume control, power button, and another button for quick start-up, which can be assigned to one of four things, whether it’s running or the front of the main chamber, the opening of the application ” Music “and take a picture of the screen. Alas, with off (locked) display key also no signs of life, so quickly start the camera without spending time to turn on the display, you can not.


In the lower left corner helpfully located recess, which allows to easily remove the back cover:


At the top of the back of the eye located 8 MP camera with LED-flash, high power, a second microphone used for noise reduction, the bottom is also a multimedia speaker volume and the average of the same average quality, though much falls short of the best representatives of the market, and the sound ploskovat not so loud. Spoken same speaker has a medium-high volume, call quality normal, without any drawdowns from any of the communicating parties.


And that’s what a smartphone does not take away, it’s a good 5 “IPS-LCD production company Sharp. Despite the resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels (which generally does not interfere at all unnoticed) and not the “deep” black, the picture is bright and intense, and at angles almost does not lose its basic qualities, colors fade a little bit, that does not affect the readability of information.


Built-in cameras are not enough stars in the sky, but frankly disgusting and I too can not be called, with most at this time is really quite good – the first two pictures in the gallery below are made with and without the flash, respectively, with the rest settled for indoor lighting and cloudy autumn sky :

The operating system, as it is inherent in almost all devices from Highscreen, represents a nearly “naked» Android without any major modifications to the graphical shell. As in the case of the Alpha Ice, you have at your disposal cloud storage 4Sync, as much as 20 GB – familiarize yourself with what it is and how it looks and works here . In general, the software from the notorious Alpha Ice practically does not differ.


The main criticism is related to performance of the device, and if the budget is usually smart phones (the same Spark) inhibit primarily in heavy games, then in the case of Boost II all up but on the contrary, because the games here are surprisingly acceptable (even the Dead Trigger Modern Combat 2 and 4), which is not the smoothness of common, standard interface of the operating system Android. Troubled by almost all, whether scrolling desktops long lists or “unfolding” the notification bar. It should be noted that third-party applications, the situation is much better, the same Twitter (beta version of the official client), as well as Vkontakte work tolerably well and do not strain once again to the already frightened person. However, it’s nit-picking, because if we consider the Boost II as a “spare tire” to talk, then, by and large, there is no difference, the behavior of the device in everyday use, because the quality of communication and transmission of voice, as has been said, are ” on the level. “

But the main criterion and the main feature of why the second “boost” should be in the role of a substitute player – while it is running. If the “rape” device, driving him into the tail and mane, then at night you will squeeze something out of it about 12 hours a screen with the battery installed at 6000 mAh, but if only from time to time to call a smart phone really can work for up to two weeks. In my mode of use should turn out a little less, about 12 days – alas, I did not have enough time to check it out, or at least thoroughly examine the discharge process. It is worth noting that, despite the time, “sleeping” smartphone is extremely bad, and then, with further updates may not function any longer.


Benchmarks were run, of course, a bad idea, and in this case, the numbers do not lie – even though I have long been opposed to any setuyu synthetic measurement of CPU performance (video graphics – still all right, but the most advanced in this respect “game» 3D Mark here refused to work):


Summing up, we can say that any buyer should first determine the purpose for which was developed this smartphone, more precisely, the purpose, because it is only one – a long run, and this is a smartphone performs on “Cheers.” If you take it for just that, the price of  $ 340 is justified, the same svezhevyshedshy Nexus 5, worth about the same, despite all its advantages in terms of technology, is working very, very small, it is absolutely incomparable performance , but if you need a powerful smartphone that is at the peak of progress (time and work you are willing to sacrifice), then here is worth paying attention to other products, and may suit other models from the same manufacturer.

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