Combat + Sync: hybrid of radio and new wireless headphones

Combat + Sync: hybrid of radio and new wireless headphones

Perhaps it will interest fans of outdoor activities and athletes. Speech about the new Combat + Sync. What is this project of new wireless headphones?

Feature of new wireless headphones

The device is an example of a successful combination of wireless headphones with the radio. Owners headset can communicate with each other at a distance of 15 km. There is a built-in microphone.

A useful solution for those who are going away from the city. Cellular communication in such places is not always available.

Who else Combat + Sync is useful? Fans watching and listening to music. Very easy to talk with the coach and his colleagues – without removing the headphones.

The model has an ergonomic design and is equipped with protection against sweat. For battery life, you can not worry. Without recharging the invention can be easily bypassed 12 hours.

Combat + Sync: hybrid of radio and new wireless headphones

The songs are broadcast in streaming mode – to “fix” your smartphone. To synchronize using Bluetooth. The corresponding mobile app companion available. Among other things, the program is used to adjust the LED backlight logo.

The pre-order price of new wireless headphones – from $ 200. Applications will be accepted on the website Kickstarter. Deliveries will begin in February next year.

Source: kickstarter

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