ZTE reveals that his Smartwatch sontanto will be compatible with its smartphones


As announced by ZTE itself, will soon come on the market also his Smartwatch , it is probably the same in the first quarter of 2014. The real news today about the compatibility of this device, plus a ‘companion’ to a real device completely independent, it seems that its functionality will be fully exploited only via terminals ZTE.

The rumor comes to us dall’autorevolissimo Wall Street Journal , of course I smartwatch Chinese house may be more similar to the Galaxy Gear at Pebble that in this particular aspect, a choice that truly seems counterproductive, but the purpose behind it will have more complex that we can not possibly understand. The price will still be lower than in Gear, there were many doubts about this, and its distribution may initially be restricted to Asia, with a subsequent opening to the USA and Europe.

ZTE has by no means excluded that in the future they can get smartwatch capable dìinterfacciarsi with any Android device, but the first should be an exclusive ZTE, possibly accompanying a new top of the range smartphone, the Galaxy Gear exactly as it has been for Galaxy Note 3.

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