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Once upon a time by the presence of the phone qwerty-keyboard can accurately determine its membership in the “smart” devices. But gradually things changed – the dinosaurs of the market like BlackBerry produce fully touch flagship, full-sized keyboard and are increasingly found in conventional phones. By the same way the company went and Nokia – in its model portfolio has long appeared on the platform with the S40 with qwerty-keyboard, regularly come out with new models. It is with this device we met today.


The handset comes in a small cardboard box, where in addition to the phone itself and the documentation can be found on the battery charger 450 mA, and a simple stereo headset.

On the exterior of Nokia Asha 302 is easy to find out who is the manufacturer of this phone. This model came out in 2012, when the manufacturer is not actively used the achievements of design series Lumia, it is more like a “traditional” model of Nokia. The main body material – plastic. Sidewall and three buttons control unit keys are made of plastic “under the metal”, and the back cover – aluminum. Shade cover is different from the main body color. The model is available in five colors – black, blue, red, white and gold. the unit is at a good level: the parts fit tightly, and the gaps are uniform, the back cover is pretty tight on its place. Only with strong compression or twisting can hear a slight creaking of the back cover. All connectors are located on the upper end of the device: slot for charging the unit (2 mm), mini-jack, port micro-USB. Left under the cap hides a slot for memory cards microSD. Plug performed well – it is invisible, is sitting in his place like a glove, but at the same time is quite easy to open, if your fingernail to pry it. To the left of the cover has a slot for the strap on the hand, are located on top of the camera lens and external speaker. The camera lens is noticeably recessed relative to the level cap, it felt good finger, but because of a slight bend the back cover is obtained uneven drop. This can even find some advantage – scratch the plastic camera virtually impossible. Another minor defect of the cabinet – backlit keyboard, which is slightly seen through the sidewall body, but you can only see it in the dark.

Keyboard Nokia Asha 302 is divided into two logical unit. Upper Unit – Manager, consists of six keys and a navigation key button inscribed with the selection. The big message, hang up the call, and two control keys are made in one single piece of plastic. The edges – the two buttons, which can be scheduled to run certain applications or menus. All the keys of the control unit are comfortable, well distinguishable by touch, easy to press with a distinctive click. Around the navigation key indicator light is described. If your phone has missed the event, he slowly blinks about once every five seconds. consists of 37 keys. They are flush with each other, have a convex shape and sufficiently rigid press. Loses the qwerty-keyboard devices Nokia past generations and Blackberry devices for comfort and a set of tactile sensations. However, if you are the owner or the owner rather small palms and had never used a qwerty-Slider, you may find it quite comfortable. A long press of the space bar and enter key additional characters, you can quickly go to the setup menu Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. names except for the numbers and the characters * and # inflicted the same type. Due to the uniform white light are clearly distinguishable. Number of characters in Cyrillic more than Latin, so the letter “E” and “b” are available through the long hold “S” and “Z” and the letters “F” and “X” moved to the bottom row of keys to the space. The layout looks quite successful, and after a short adjustment period of confusion does not arise. Quick entry of special characters and numbers is available via Alt (bottom left button) to change the input language you have to press Alt + Ctrl (bottom left and right arrow keys). Switch the input language is not available in a single click, pressing the appropriate combination takes you to the selection of one of five input language. Ctrl button changes the input mode – available “intelligent” input mode when the phone offers options for the end of the word.


In the Nokia Asha 302 is set 2.4-inch screen with a resolution of 320×240 pixels. Given the fact that this is a simple phone, it can be described as rather qualitative. Bright icons and contrasting themes contribute to good readability. Viewing angles – average, rejecting the vertical inverted colors. The screen fades significantly, but the information is easy to read. The five possible values ​​of the backlight brightness is controlled in a wide range.

Interface functionality

Phone functionality is a standard way for Nokia phones. In-call menu contains all the calls, you can see the duration of each call, the icon on the right shows the type of call – incoming, outgoing or missed call. The reports appeared in the form of a map sms chat. When sending a message, you can enter the recipient’s phone number, select a call list, address book, or your favorite contacts. Each contact can store up to 6 numbers, e-mail address and other information (date of birth, place of work, etc.). Each contact can be assigned a ring tone or merge contacts into groups. changing the name to S40 on Series 40 Asha, a little platform has expanded its functionality. For example, it appeared the app store. However, the quality of applications it is almost none. phone is pre-installed by default e-mail client, Facebook, Twitter, What’s App. All of them – simple Java-based applications with basic functionality. Their presence may help in some situations, and are more convenient to use than the mobile web version of the relevant services.

Traditionally there are a large number of your phone – you can customize the home screen for quick action function keys and a joystick. your PC, you can install the software Nokia PC Suite. The program allows you to fully manage all data on the phone, synchronize, backup, update the device firmware. Available contact management, history of correspondence, listen to music stored on the device. App Store is also present here – install the application so much easier.

Calls, multimedia

The quality of the earpiece is very good – the caller’s voice sounded clean and natural. Its volume is sufficient for most situations, but there is no large supply. Ringer speaker traditionally very loud and shrill – at maximum volume should try to skip the call. Vibrating alert is powerful enough felt in the pockets of clothing.

The phone comes with a music player with equalizer and FM-radio. Nokia Asha 302 plays music pretty high quality, but in order to appreciate this need normal headphones. Phone is easy to replace a simple music player.


The phone has a camera module with a resolution of 3.2 megapixel without autofocus, there is the ability to record VGA-clips at 15 frames / sec.

Camera – one of the simplest, detail images at a very low level. Below you can see examples of their own images.


Telephone feeds removable battery with 1430 mA * h For a device with a 2.4-inch screen of the battery is more than enough – at half-hour of calls, sending SMS to ten and he lives an hour of music from four days to a week.

You can charge your phone as a bundled charger or via USB-port.

The results

Asha 302 – the traditional phone of Nokia. The updated platform, in fact, left the good old S40 and compared to previous generations of devices adds only cosmetic changes.

Unfortunately, one of the main chip of the phone – a full-size keyboard has turned out to be unsuccessful. Therefore, if you choose a phone primarily for SMS correspondence and phone calls, it is best to pay attention to other, perhaps more simple models of Nokia.


+ The sound quality of the headphones
+ The presence of Wi-Fi
+ High capacity battery

Do not like it

– Tough qwerty-keyboard
– Lack of volume keys
– Lack of a flashlight

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