5 simple truths about malware on Android


In the minds of some people at the mention of the Internet connection is starting to sound a whisper, which is gradually gaining momentum and turns into a cry: “Viruses! Viruses! Viruses! “. It is understandable, everywhere try to convince us that Android is probably the most dangerous for the infection platform. With this widespread intimidation and short turn gray. So in order to combat panic attacks, let’s break it down.

They exist


There’s no getting around it. If you use anything that is connected to the Internet, this “something” is subject to contamination. Windows, Mac, iOS, even Blackberry, device, on any platform can “pribolet.”

Unfortunately, Android is not an exception, but speculating on it more than others. But despite what you may have heard, by some estimates, less than 0.001% which applications are able to bypass security measures provided for Google.

Our police protects us


It may seem that Android – is the realm of anarchy, where everyone, due to lack of representative government, can do whatever he wants. In fact it is not. Google has provided the following seven levels of protection systems:

Thus, if your smartphone is not enabled installation from unknown sources, the application will not pass even a second level of protection. In short, anyone can download the app in Google Play, but it does not mean that it can infect your device.

iPhone – not a panacea


As we mentioned above, the threats to everything. However, users often there is a perception that the iPhone is spared.

In fact, according to last year’s survey company Symantec, dealing with cybersecurity in iOS was found 387 security holes. At the same time in Android they found only 13.

Some security – only cheating


Settled state of affairs in the minds of users has created favorable conditions for those who are looking for easy money. Many are willing to pay a dollar or two for the belief that something will protect their device. In practice, it turns out that it’s a waste of money to nowhere. So, one enterprising developer has earned more than 40,000 dollars per week, laying in Google Play antivirus pacifier .

The best weapon – it’s you


Of course, the preceding paragraph does not mean that all anti-virus software in the Google Play – Sells continuous. Some of them, perhaps, one can help you out. However, as practice shows, experienced users just fine without them, and perhaps even consider such a burden for application memory.

On the other hand, Android is soon to appear own built-in antivirus . As they say, better “vigil.”

And yet, the best tool in the fight against malware – is you. Of course, if you install the application of alternative energy sources that are at greater risk. Nevertheless, it is enough to follow a few simple rules that will forever leave your device “clean from the infection”:

  • Read reviews and testimonials about the application before you download it to your device
  • Download applications from trusted sources or official
  • During installation, see which functions the device, the application will have access; it is obvious that the photo editor, for example, should not send SMS and make calls

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