Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

Lenovo S850 – selfie-smartphone for the ladies (no flowers)

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

In the summer we have on the site was a curious material for which peck in the comments. Spoke about the smartphones that brazenly pinched design with the iPhone. About today’s guinea even the company says – well, Lenovo S850, such like on the iPhone.

Lenovo S850 presented back in February at MWC2014 in Barcelona in the company strongly autonomous S860, about which we have already mentioned , and S660 models. Our guinea once described as “selfifon for the ladies.” But is it? Let’s find out.

Appearance and ergonomics – Lenovo S850

I will not hide, the device is pretty but on the iPhone is similar (although there are those who compared the device with the Nexus 5). At that, the good-old, perfectly licked. Just more in the parameters. Lenovo S850 – iPhone-like on Android and overgrown with luminous inscription Lenovo. Yes, let’s start from this side. On the back of a smart – inscription Lenovo, and it glows righteous white light in several situations:

  • Unlock the device – for a few seconds;
  • notifications of missed calls, messages, e-mail;
  • during a call;
  • indication of charging.

And that, my friends, the game in advance. Checkmate, Apple? During the tests met a dozen girls and boys (yes, boys too, it maintained), which saw this glowing detail, saying, “Oh! What is it? I want to own! “. At the same back up are located on the main camera 13 MP, slightly recessed, and flash. Side. Well, just to the side and all.

Take a closer look at Lenovo S850 have something, I will never tire of repeating that it was beautiful. On both sides it is completely made of glass. The rear surface of still and all in fine pattern. Hem? Dots? Diamonds? It does not matter. The main thing is that it is glass. This has its advantages: looks elegant, yet it seems more than their price. But the disadvantage of soiled present. At the expense of the fortress will not say anything – it was possible for the tests never dropped. (U-ee-e!)

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

Due to the parameters of 141 x 71 x 8,2 mm and weight of 140 grams smartphone fits comfortably in your hand, pocket, purse, backpack, briefcase, shirt pocket. Where he likes. My last smartphones (first Oppo Find 5, and now – OnePlus One) is very large and heavy. Yes, and that prevaricate – iPhone now too large, 2: 0 downright. After their Lenovo S850 – the most comfortable equipment ever.

I do not like the fact that the sides of the smartphone plastic. They seem to be stylized metal, but metal is not, and faster than other construction details zatrutsya or damage. I want metal ends all devices!

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

Ease of operation and contributed to the controls placed wrong. The power button is slightly recessed, and in this “boat” -vyemke it very easy to find by touch, the course is short and tangible. Swing control is higher, move her languid. It turned out that the power button – under the knuckle and swing – right under the pad of his thumb.

At the top end – microUSB slot and 3.5mm audio.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

The left side was surprised. Speaker. Wow, the speaker side. If you’re a lefty or keep smart left hand and right – flipping the finger to close the speaker breeze. On the whole, he did not sound so good to deserve a separate column in the review. Loud, the relative purity and quality. If you ask for and the search, you can find the same money for something more interesting in terms of audio. Under the speaker slot disappeared for two Micro-SIM. In my copy of this slot has been adjusted is not perfect, and even in the closed state thundered like a rattle. Not bothered.

Buttons are still touch and take part of the “chin.” And on top – the earpiece, front camera eye as much as 5 MP and the window indicators. And branding can not do without it.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

What I did not like in the assembly, so it is fitting glass to plastic. Top of the already seen that the dirt will clog. Or stiffness smartphone. It is not perfect, and under pressure from Lenovo S850 starts plaintive squeak. But all in all, if you do not quibble over the details, the unit was very comfortable. Just right for a girl. Lightweight, stylish, compact enough for 5-inch, pleasant to the touch. Chinese Pearl. And if your girl mi-mi-mi and nya nya-nya-ie Lenovo S850 also in pink. Then it would be a review of pink pearl. Thanks for which Lenovo, do not bring us the pink technique to charts, thank you.

Display – Lenovo S850

The front part of the device is covered with glass, but due to the fact that the display is slightly recessed, around the attaching plastic sidewalk “Border”, so that’s not scary smart to put the glass down. Although Lenovo S850 anyway – will still be glass down. And the glass top. Your CEP.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

5 inches – is, in my opinion, the most optimal diagonal smartphone among all those available. And HD resolution is also very fit for smartphone mediocre, with a density of 294 ppi though far from the record, but for the average user – goes. Included – good viewing angles, the image is not distorted, even if you will turn his hand to show a picture, and decent oleophobic coating, very pleasant to the touch. Brightness is very good, the sun smartphone behaves well. There is an automatic adjustment of brightness. However, the contrast is not the most demonstrative, but overall looks good. Especially because at the screen and color decent. That is, as always, it sags a little in the cool shades, but it’s such a customary bug, you can tighten the thumb to the eye.

Not at the expense of the largest of frames around the display Lenovo S850 is convenient to use. But the trick in the form of black frames inside is present here, eh. Overall impressions of the display remain good. Only here note – predefined minimum brightness has not even minimal. There is still much to pull the slider.

Camera – Lenovo S850

In 2014, a girl with no self in instagrame considered incorrect. Therefore, 5 MP front camera will be on guard sotsialochek. We can not say that the quality of the photographs will build possessor Lenovo S850 in status photographer avtoportretista, but here there is also a function of the alignment of the skin, and the magic of additional illumination.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

Therefore, with the help and the photos are quite ok, if the normal lighting, and video too. Here’s an example.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

As for the main camera, it is a 12 megapixel, autofocus, HDR and creative soul. Double sunrises on the image – this is not an excerpt and not a filter, it is a glitch, but beautiful. As with any other camera srednyachka, this is not suitable for recording video and photos at dusk. In the rest of the time you need to use the settings on the camera and do not shake hands. The resulting pictures are not crisp and clear, as for my taste, but we used them in sotsialochkah – and like niche, prokanaet. But in general the results are average.

Specifications – Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850 – is not the most advanced smartphone on the gland. He even very far from the whole of the subject. It has quad-core CPU MTK 6582 1.3 GHz with graphics Mali 400 and 1 GB of RAM. All of this was enough for the average speed of loading pages in the browser, about the launch of two videos on the same page of the question. Games – at medium graphics settings, the test results are not distinguished points, the application periodically fall out, and sometimes even from the curtain and do not open accounts Tapan couple of times.

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

This is a person who is familiar with all the top-end devices, begins to twitch nervously eye and shake hands. For a man who is unlikely to be open in chrome 100 bookmarks at once and chopped in Modern Combat 5, the performance results are satisfactory.

But that’s 16GB. As for me. it is not enough, because immediately available 10 GB, and a memory card slot is not provided. But as the experience of users and sales statistics, much of this is enough. Basically, if you use the cloud storage, or just periodically clean the phone (the gallery of photos and video at least), it may be, and have enough space to live happily ever after.

Shell – Lenovo S850

The smartphone runs Android 4.4 KitKat with brand Lenovo Launcher launcher without the main menu. There is nothing special to write, because everything is written here here . Very detailed. And in the comments, you can even find a link to download the shell. Only one funny moment. Everyone knows that in the intro hidden Android game paskhalochka. At Jelly Bean it was chewy candies that need pulyat on the screen, and at KitKat – vindous market with all sorts of plitochki. So here Lenovo S850, which runs on Kitkata such easter eggs – flying candy. A trifle, but strannenkaya.

Autonomy – Lenovo S850

Lenovo S850 - selfie-smartphone

2000 mAh for the average iron in the modern world is still not a lot. I use both SIM cards, not indulged in any Wi-Fi, or the mobile web (they have me not even disconnected), social networks and yutyubchike. Enough for 5 hours of video online and 3 hours drive in the machine. Have a reasonable system unit energy savings, and it works, but 2000 mAh – this is still not enough. On a working day will be enough, but if you need something a little more substantial, then there are two models of Lenovo S860 and R780, and we have here is a selection .

Conclusions – Lenovo S850

Its positioning “selfifon for Girls Sims 2” Lenovo S850 justified. It is perfect clash between external beauty, unassuming inner peace and a decent camera for self-portraits. Not to say that men, this option will not work absolutely. Smartphone light, beautiful, compact, with a good display and srednyachkovy on speed. Beautiful smartphone wants them every, especially against the background of everything that you can buy for $ 250. And this is also a glowing inscription, which immediately attracts the attention of people.

If you look at the value in the category of $ 250 and +/- 50 $, Lenovo S850, as for me, the most beautiful. As for the main bugs – a limited amount of memory, and so his autonomy – and within this price you can find something cool. Same Lenovo P780 solve the problem of autonomy, or Moto G, it has support for microSD. Alternative – Huawei Honor 3 or Sony Xperia M, too dvuhsimochny. But that’s all old people last year, and none of our beautiful not Lenovo S850.

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