64-bit CPU iPhone 5s shows impressive performance


Some journalists have called Apple last presentation of non-standard, since in the course of her company did not focus on the new operating system iOS 7, and on the technical specifications of the new iPhone 5s. Thus, the most discussed improvements to the unit became the camera, fingerprint reader, and a processor A7 – the first 64-bit chip in the mobile world.

SoC A7 in iPhone 5s contains more than a billion transistors – twice with A6, and thus has dimensions equal to the crystal (102 mm ²). 64-bit architecture of the chip uses a modern more efficient instruction set ARM, and has twice as many general purpose registers and floating-point number.

Comparing the results of iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 in the benchmark GFXBench 2.5 Egypt, experts have recorded a significant increase in performance of the new smartphone. Measure of the number of frames per second increased from 41,1 fps the iPhone 5 at up to 53 fps iPhone 5S in the native resolution mode (onscreen) and similarly increased from 29,8 fps to 56 fps in the texts offscreen (Image 1080p). The number of processed frames increased from 4632 to 5991 in the first case and from 3370 to 6332 – in the second.

Of course, this is only the preliminary tests: the developers have not yet optimized benchmarks for the 64-bit processor architecture A7 and support OpenGL ES 3.0.


iOS 7 – 64-bit operating system (including its microkernel, drivers), as well as all regular applications Apple. Software developers have at their disposal a new version of the package Xcode, which allows you to recompile the software to work in 64-bit mode, but no problems with the current applications as iOS 7 on the A7 is fully backward compatible with a commercially available 32-bit software and allows you to run both types of programs simultaneously.

According to Philip Schiller, the CPU of the new SoC A7 twice more productive than the A6, and 40 times – compared with the first model of the iPhone.

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