First look at the 13.3-inch hybrid tablet-notebook Toshiba Satellite W30t and W30Dt


Toshiba has brought to the IFA 2013 hybrid laptops, tablets and Satellite W30t W30Dt, which are essentially the same model, but on different platforms. W30t runs on processor Intel Haswell, while the chip is used in W30Dt AMD A4. Let’s see what these devices stand out.

Design and construction

Model Satellite W30t and W30Dt made in now-familiar design hybrid notebook and tablet in which a 13.3-inch display unit is independent of the keypad, separated from it and can be used as a tablet computer. Practical and popular among manufacturers form factor that allows the device to offer users a 2-to-1. 


W30t/W30Dt appearance compared to other similar models does not particularly stand out. Cover the device is made of metal and covered with matte gray paint, it looks pretty boring. The only really “designer” item of the assembly – the corners of the display is that the bottom is more rounded than the above, and in the same form, only the mirror, made the touchpad.


Due to the fact that the screen W30t/W30Dt removable and can be used as a tablet, a frame around the display is large. In tablet mode – this is good, there is where to put the palm of your hand, but when the device is connected to the keyboard looks like it’s archaic.

Tablet weight block and Satellite W30t W30Dt is as much as 1.28 kg, which is far beyond the comfortable use with one hand. On the left side of the device is one of the stereo speakers, the microphone, power button, and a socket for the charger.


The top of the can only see the impressive array of cooling systems.


Settled on the left: the volume button, 3.5mm headphone jack, a port HDMI, USB 2.0, microSD card slot and another speaker.


At the bottom there are only a jack and mounting dock.


Consider in detail the dock itself failed to Toshiba for some reason decided to tie him to the stands special fasteners. However, it is worth noting that the docking station is equipped with island style keyboard, a touchpad, a USB 3.0, the connector for the charger, as well as built-in battery. Weight dock is 1.1 kg. It turns out that the weight W30t/W30Dt (tablet + dock) is as much as 2.38 kg, which is very close to the 15-inch models.


In Satellite W30t W30Dt and installed a 13.3-inch touchscreen IPS-display with a resolution of 1366×768 pixels. 


The screen has a good color and excellent viewing angles, but that permission would like to see more.


In Satellite W30t used processor Intel Haswell, a specific model in the Toshiba is not known, with Intel HD graphics 4200. In W30Dt a chip AMD A4 graphics AMD Radeon HD 8180. The other characteristics of the same devices.

Both models are equipped with 4 GB of RAM, and their file storage system can consist of a hard drive of 500 GB or 256 GB SSD.

Among other options, the device is worth noting the presence of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi b / g / n, accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, and the light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the display.


Of the slots dock plate is removed with little effort, while keeping it with one hand because of the weight uncomfortable.

13-3-inch-hybrid-tablet-notebook-toshiba-satellite-w30t-w30dt-raqwe.com-09In the same operation, rescue large frame around the display, which exclude false depression. Keys dock have a nice clear progress and well-spaced on the panel.

As a result,

Toshiba have turned out rather strange symbiosis of tablet and laptop. Satellite W30t and W30Dt are thick, featureless design and weight as that of 15-dyumovy laptop. On the other hand, in a single device the user gets two, so even with a pretty good screen. Moreover, according to the company, the cost of W30t and W30Dt will start from $ 600.

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