Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Six months later, I wear a happy owner of Moto 360, decided to share their experiences and newly acquired knowledge during this time about Android Wear.

A bit of history – Moto 360

Initially I liked Pebble Steel, but when he saw the announcement from Motorola, I’m somehow all at once realized. Moto 360 ordered on eBay immediately, as soon as they became available. Since I was not lucky enough to get them on the official website, it had to pay a premium, but not too much. In any case, it was worth it. Deliver a package from the United States helped me notorious which is very cute and carefully treated the case assigned to it: Crloe-1X9NMBlizhe the end of October reached the cherished box in Dnepropetrovsk and I had to face the tax parcels worth more than € 150. Now the amount of tax also increased. In connection with the adoption of the new law from February 25, the amendments to the Customs Code, namely – began operating a surcharge on imports amounting to 10% (including postage), that is, the duty has risen from 10% to 20% .

First impressions

Watches are elegant. Even though I prefer the metal straps, but was ecstatic. On the first day of a charge, of course, lost easily on the eyes. They are very hard to let go, I want to figure it out, try everything, and this worked.

The possibility of the box

Immediately after the purchase, they were more limited in ability than it is now, but after a few updates here’s what we have:

  • about a dozen preset from Motorola
  • display notifications from applications
  • all the standard functionality of Android Wear: timer, stopwatch, alarm clock, Google Fit, Play Music and, of course, Google Now

Application Moto Body “Steps”, “Pulse”, “Calories” and “load on the heart,” giving the right to choose between them and Google Fit
applications that have built-in Android Wear versions after connecting automatically set to watch, in my case it twitter client Talon, Google Keep, IFTTT (just recently IF) and TrackID

Pedometer, as well as other fitness function, is not for me fundamentally important, but for the sake of interest, I checked it yet. Indicators in kilometers coincide with reality. Playing in the Ingress, I can go about 15-20 km on foot in the evening, the game count is using GPS. No significant differences between the performance of the game and the clock have not been noticed.



Taking into account taxes and the cost, I would not recommend ordering Moto 360 with a metal strap. Much easier to order it, for example, on eBay. Together with a strap comes tool to replace it. It took me about ten minutes to replace, including the removal of redundant links.

Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Fortunately, the choice is huge straps. Since the width of 22 mm had to fit Moto360 Pebble Steel straps and from a plurality of another clock. If desired, you can attach to the watch almost any strap. Here are a few options from the same eBay:

For fans often change them and have a huge selection I would advise Facer for Android Wear. How Come? And here’s why: facerProsto huge database to Facer, among which everyone can find something suitable – from favorite cartoon characters to form a true Rolex.

It is necessary to cancel that this same database contains many similar applications for WatchMaker. It is possible to do otherwise and to find a suitable of sets on Google Play.

My main requirement is not beauty and functionality – displays battery charge, weather, date and day of the week. I found a suitable among paid and it is the most beautiful and functional at the same time in my opinion – Odyssey Premium Watch Face.

After extreme renovation able to change the inscription on its own, to change the illumination color and arrows and replace weather forecast for the second-time zone.

Interesting applications

Out of the box in hours, not convenient option to access applications. It does not matter!

Wear Mini Launcher allows you to implement the following – one of the three sides of the screen (the round sides of the screen, yeah, left, right or bottom) can be set invisible slider pulling that, you will see a customized application menu:

Settings are flexible, you can change the color and transparency of the background, the number of columns, sorting applications in alphabetical order or frequency of use, a list of applications from the launcher which will not open, the list of hidden application icons and captions to their size. Not bad, is not it?

Moreover, at the same time, developers did not stop – if you pull the same invisible slider after opening the menu, you will again see a menu that contains information about the phone charge and hours, as well as many useful setting the clock and smartphone, such as Wi-Fi, sound mode, access point brightness. You can still call notification sound on your phone and lock screen clock (the screen does not stop working until disable this feature). Also, this app will notify you in the event of power hours from the phone – handy if you ever forget your phone at the bar.

May is not very useful, but interesting applications Wear Internet Browser and Calculator. In the browser, you can send links of chromium and can be very long and fun to try to introduce them to the built-in mini-keyboard.

Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Mini-applications that work with the “big brother” on a smartphone – Twitter client Talon, notorious TrackID, and Enum.

An interesting application and a godsend for a spy – Wear Camera Remote:

The interesting thing about this application is that his work does not have to be switched on the phone’s screen and that you can switch between the two cameras, and even turn on and off the flash. Usage Scenarios everyone can find their own, at least you can use it for group photos as well as in the normal management of the camera is not on the screen viewfinder hours.

Another “spyware” application – Wear Audio Recorder. In the basic version, you can simply record the sound from the phone and hours, with a minimum of settings.

Full version opens manipulation of sound quality and a lot of settings, such as noise reduction, sensitivity, and so on.

Students and pupils will be pleased to know that… IMG_20150315_025842Posle run the application loads the last hours smartly notes. Nice to have a valid, crib right on your wrist.

FAQ – Moto 360

How to keep the connection? – I have a Nexus 5 holding steady, the apartment even after a few walls.

Can you connect to the BT and listen to music without the phone? – Yes, the benefit of the clock 4 GB of memory. But any headphones will not work, I recommend checking out. My “Bluedio” coping well if the pre-sync with the phone.

Not afraid to wet? – Once accidentally went with them to the shower, do not worry.

Not infuriates charge every night? – I and my mechanics every night shot, just put not stand and where necessary. No, not angry.

How long does the battery? – If you leave the house at seven in the morning and return in the morning – still 10-20%. And it’s a given that I always come Hangouts-notification from hardcore Ingress in which more than 50 people, as well as VC, Twitter, and a bunch of other Instagram, which could be on and off.

And if no notification? – In flight three days. And this is not the limit.

Weak processor, a lot of lag? – Do not lag. And will not, I hope.

Six months with Moto 360 or better on Android Wear

Conveniently respond to messages? – Very Much! Almost always the answer in Heng or VC voice with hours, except in situations where I in a noisy public place or at home for the PC.

And you can answer calls? – You can reply, but to say the clock will not work. You can also fight off the call and send one of the fastest SMS-answers. And it is very beautiful if a contact picture set. Very Much!

As glass, scratched? – Yes, but it is very difficult to scratch. From daily use scratches and has not appeared. I managed to put a small scratch with effort hitting the sharp edges of granite countertops. The good news is that when the screen scratches are not seen at all.

I am pleased to answer any questions with regards to hours at twitter or here in the comments. I apologize for the quality of most photos do almost anything on the Nexus 5 and only a few on the Galaxy S5. Thank you for your attention, see you again!

Source: Motorola

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