Tim Cook: Apple never wanted to sell cheap smartphones


After the announcement of the “low end” smartphone iPhone 5c on the company Apple has fallen quite a lot of negative comments. Apple CEO Tim Cook began to defend the pricing strategy followed by the company. During the interview with the resource Bloomberg , he said that there is any category of goods of the market, where they sell “junk”, but Apple is not interested in this segment.

Recall that the cost of iPhone 5c in the plastic housing is $ 549 and $ 649 for a model with a capacity of flash memory 16 and 32 GB respectively. It should be noted that such a high price is a bit contrary to the statement of Mr. Cook’s relatively rapid increase in sales in emerging markets, especially in China.

“We never set a goal to bring to market a cheap smartphone. At the same time, we were able to find an answer to the question of how to sell an outstanding smart phone that provides a unique experience of interaction at a lower price, “- said Tim Cook.

This pricing strategy adopted by Apple not this year or even the past. Back in May of 2001 with the opening of the first retail store, she began to equate themselves to car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz and BMW, are guided by the highest price segment.

At the moment, Apple owns about 5% of the PC market. This means that five out of a hundred is Mac. If it seems someone is sufficiently small, it is worth recalling that the share of the aforementioned Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars on the market a little lower. A total of about 25 million people are the owners of computers Apple Mac.

One day in 2004, Steve Jobs in an interview confirmed this position. He said the following:

“Apple’s market share is greater than that of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche cars in the market. So bad to be a BMW or Mercedes-Benz? ».

We agree that if the goal of the company is selling a lot of cheap mass products, while being BMW or Mercedes-Benz quite well.

“There are many people who dream of a multi-faceted product, and we are ready to compete with other manufacturers for them. We’re not going to lose his mind because of the different parts of the market, it is not our element “- said Cook.

According to him, to get a high profit can be only in the higher end of the market of smartphones or tablets.

“Fortunately, the two segments are large enough. There are many people who want to get the unique experience of interacting with a tablet or smartphone. Apple’s business will thrive as long as this trend will continue. ”

Unfortunately, the words of Tim Cook can not change the situation on the stock market, and Apple’s stock continued to fall in price. Recall that after the announcement of the iPhone 5c smartphones and iPhone 5s value per share decreased by more than $ 26. However, the stock was not very worried. He compared the fluctuations in Apple’s stock to riding a roller coaster at an amusement park, and said he was ready to differences of heights. Cook still believes the Android OS is very segmented and rapidly aging, since users often get a new smartphone running the old version of Android.

Do not bypass the Apple CEO and company Microsoft. According to Tim, the software giant mimics Apple and Nokia purchase is confirmed, the latter also made a critical mistake by not pay due attention to innovation.

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