Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

The company Xiaomi widely familiar in its smartphones and external battery, but it’s not all what it can do. Not so long ago, she showed a small set of smart home for the organization. But to us for review came just a video camera Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi, which is controlled by a smartphone and has a speaker and microphone. In this review, we describe for what purpose it will fit.

Scope of delivery – Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Unlike the smartphone company Xiaomi, a box made of white cardboard. Opening it, we see the camera itself, paper documentation, network 1A charger and USB-cable length of 2 meters.


Despite the fact that many criticized for lack of Xiaomi device design for the appearance of the camera Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi no complaints. It looks attractive due to the small thickness of the body, but first things first.

Since the camera is a type of desktop cameras – round basis from the stand on which the fixed hinge. With the latter, you can change the vertical angle of shooting. In reality, the inclination angle of the hinge varies nearly 180 degrees.

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

The camera lens is removable and rests on two latches. If they move, then remove it will not be difficult. The camera will be fully operational. Thanks to this arrangement, the camera can easily disguise and make hidden. On the back side of the lens is a microphone, speaker, reset hole, a slot for microSD memory card slot and microUSB. On the front side of the lens is only the LED activity. Through the use microUSB connector power supply can be not only AC charger, but also the external battery. To hang the camera on the wall should be carefully removed from its lower stand, where you will find three holes for screws. Stand inside the metal itself, which adds stability.

Characteristics of Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

If we talk about the hardware on the camera, it is quite personal. Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi has a nice diagonal viewing angle of 111.2 degrees and good speed record in 20fps at 1280 × 720. Officially supports memory cards up to 32GB, but you need to take into account that for the normal operation will need the card for at least 8 GB. Also worth noting is that the work in the Wi-Fi network standard IEEE 802.11ac is not supported. Unfortunately, there is no infrared light.

The Work

To work with the camera you must Wi-Fi network and smartphone on Android, or iOS. Previously, on the smartphone you want to install an application that can be downloaded from Xiaomi. Original application traditionally in Chinese, but at the moment craftsmen translated it into English and Russian.

Connecting and Configuring the camera is quite simple and easy thanks to the step by step instructions. True smartphone app itself has some serious limitations. The main one is that we can not put up a notice on the movement of the frame (although the camera is capable of doing). Fortunately, when viewing video footage before it allocates those moments when there was a movement.

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

From the available options have unmuted the camera, the inclusion of dynamics, and when the LED activity, a change in the quality of the recording and, in fact, off camera.

To work with a PC, you need to use the client side, for example, iSpy because there is no native client. Example application settings can be found on the forum. Fortunately, its setting is much wider than that of the application for a smartphone. We can adjust the response of the camera to the motion in the frame. It is even possible to inform the SMS (the truth, it is necessary to subscribe). Unfortunately a subscription is not cheap – $ 7.95 per month.

As mentioned above, to power the camera can be used an external battery. We have checked the running time from Xiaomi Power Bank 10400mAh. The result was that the camera was able to work around 24 hours on a fully charged battery.

Webcam Xiaomi Ants Xiaoyi Smart Camera review

The quality of the video, filmed on camera, very good, but only in a good light. In poor visibility, the quality suffers greatly. At night, the device altogether useless, since it has no infrared light. The result is that we see at night are absolutely black picture. If we talk about the quality of the transmission of sound from the speaker, then there is also not all smooth. The sound is “electronic” and not alive. But the microphone is not bad. He is very sensitive.


For what good this camera? Because the camera does not have infrared illumination and native applications on the PC, it is hardly suitable for use as a security system. But to monitor pets or as a nanny for her to come. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has launched again slightly completed device. The camera suffers from childhood diseases such as lack of ability to change the time on the watermark during shooting. Applications for smartphones weekly updates, but it is still not officially available only in Chinese. Of course, the camera has both advantages, among which will be a major cost.


+ Price

+ Workmanship

+ Collapsible design

+ A microphone / speaker

Did not like:

– The lack of native applications for PC

– The absence of infrared light

– No information on the movement of the camera view

Source: Xiaomishop

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